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Dear partners and friends,

Keeping you up to date with ISTER - ConnectIng hiSTorical Danube rEgions Roman routes project, you will find 6 articles in this First edition of our E-newsletter regarding the project’s progress, the presentations of consortium members and the best practices in the field of Roman Cultural Heritage (RCH) written by the ISTER's partners.

Building transnational bridges for connecting Roman Routes - ISTER public kick-off meeting, 17th November, 2020

The aim of the meeting was to reach out a wider group of potential stakeholders and raise awareness about the ISTER project among potential synergic initiatives.

The online meeting took place on 17th November, when more than 100 participants gathered via Zoom to explain, understand or inform about the ISTER project. The meeting was held in two modules. During the first module the project partners and engaged with the topic authorities shed light on how in particular the ISTER project deals with the preservation and valorization of the Roman Routes heritage along the Danube river.       Read more









URBASOFIA is a town and regional planning company created in 2011 which, albeit fairly young, is strongly endorsed by the experience in urban and territorial issues of the founder, employees and collaborators, as well as their involvement in design and management of EU-funded projects, especially in connection with smart cities, strategic integrated planning, urban regeneration as well as the social impact assessment of current urban issues and new ICT solutions under development.     Read more


E-content - geoinformation support for the field of space-related displays for the purposes of education


Geodetic Institute of Slovenia has been spreading knowledge about new possibilities of didactic aids for many years and hosting students of different age groups in terms of presenting various solutions of spatial representations.


For the purpose of faster and efficient perception of content we have developed E-content, a set of various educational interactive contents that offer geoinformation support related to space for educational purposes.                      Read more



Development Agency of the Una-Sana Canton


Development Agency of the Una-Sana Canton - DA USC is acting as a link between public, private and civil sector in creation and implementation of development projects with the objective to improve economic standards in USC through management in the implementation of strategic plan with attraction of EU and other funds.                                                 Read more

Meet with one-of-a-kind event - Antique reenactment in Alba Iulia!


Alba Iulia Municipality is fortunate to have a talented reenactment group, who revives the atmosphere of the ancient world through Roman soldiers, Dacian warriors, gladiators and dancers, during the touristic season.

The ancient Apulum is brought back to life by the Apulum Guard, consisting of: Roman soldiers, Dacian warriors, gladiators and dancers.                                                                    Read more

Protection of the LIMES Dalkinger Gate


Among the ancient Roman artefacts along the LIMES border, the former LIMES Gate near Dalkingen is of particular importance. It is the only gate system that has been found along the over 500 km long Upper Germanic-Rhaetian Limes.


A light metal construction covered with printed fabric strips within the glass cube, floating freely above the original gate, enables visualisation of the dimensions and appearance of the former Limes gate.                                     Read more

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