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InnoSchool Day Seminars


The InnoSchool Day Seminar is an event aimed to increase the interest, knowledge and competencies of secondary schools management and teachers regarding the InnoSchool Learning System, especially the Serious Game, as a teaching method for developing entrepreneurial spirit of students.


All the participating countries have held a first event or are about to host it and Romania was the first country to initiate it. On the 8th of July more than 40 teachers, high school headmasters and social representatives of the associations engaged in social entrepreneurship participated in an online event that was designed to further share the knowledge about the InnoSchool project. The participants highlighted all the ways this project could improve the quality of life and address certain social needs that some areas of Bihor county are struggling with. 


The second country to host the event was Hungary and on the 7th of September in Székesfehérvár, head-teachers, teachers and representatives of social entrepreneurship and media meet in a physical event to find out more about the InnoShcool Learning System and the Serious Game. Two days later in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria, more than 70 high school head-teachers, teachers and representatives of social entrepreneurship and media shared their expectations and supported the InnoSchool initiative for developing the social entrepreneurial spirit of high school students within the local event. 


On Friday, 11th of September the seminar "Attractive education and development of high school students" was held in Košice, which gave or partners from Slovakia the perfect the chance to organize the InnoSchool Day Seminar using a capitalization approach and present the InnoSchool project to all the interested parties. A few days later, on September 16, the event was also hosted in Serbia where 44 attendees, represented by teachers, high schools and their management delegates and media correspondent, joined the online event and open discussion highlighting how social entrepreneurship is widely recognized around the world for its positive impact on the society in dealing with modern-day challenges and the key elements of the InnoSchool Learning System.


An online event was organized on the 1st of October by our partners from Moldova with 37 directors and teachers from the Ungheni district, representatives of Ungheni Education Department and civil society organizations. At the end of the month, on October 30, the last InnoSchool Day Seminar was organized in Prijedor, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Within the event, school representatives had an opportunity to see 3 different examples of positive practices of social entrepreneurs within their country and how InnoSchool can play a crucial role in this. Member of the InnoSchool Steering Committee presented the draft of law of social entrepreneurship, which caused a constructive discussion, with a common conclusion on the importance of social entrepreneurship as a crucial segment of each society to address social challenges/ problems.


Our partners from the Czech Republic where the last to organise the event in December 2020. With a series of online events that where organised on September 30 and the 15th and 16th December, more than 40 teachers, principals, school founders and other interested parties learned more about the InnoSchool project and discussed the possibility of using this educational tool not only in their schools.

Austria is set to organize the event in the nearby future so follow our website and social media for more information.



InnoSchool Pilot – where are we now?


The InnoSchool Pilot has started! Due to the current pandemic situation the beginning has been a little challenging but now more than 1000 students in 9 European countries are learning about social entrepreneurship using ILS.


In Bulgaria 11 secondary schools, 20 teachers and over 350 high school students have started in September and October 2020 despite the challenges of transitioning to hybrid and online training. Students see an opportunity to develop new skills, gain entrepreneurial experience and ways to contribute to their community.


Hungary has very good news about the pilot: 4 out of their 11 participating schools have already finished the Pilot despite the strong pandemic measures and the switch to digital education. More important, students wish that the game could change teaching methods and implement a different approach in education in general.


In Bosnia and Herzegovina 10 secondary schools and 221 students are participating in the Pilot. Due to restrictions regarding the educational context the Pilot has started at the end of November but now all secondary schools are implementing the ILS within their regular classes.


Slovakia started the Pilot right at the beginning of the school year, in September, when the majority of the 10 schools introduced the Serious Game to the students. Since then, more than 220 students have explored the interesting journey of becoming social entrepreneurs, not stopping the progress even with the pandemic measures.


The Pilot in Serbia began on October 1, 2020 and, since then, all the activities have fully begun in 10 schools in the Belgrade Region. 27 teachers and 346 students are currently approaching the final modules of the game and feel that InnoSchool should be a part of the national curricula.


Similar thoughts have been expressed by teachers and students in Romania, where the Pilot has also started in the month of October in 9 school from Bihor county. The activities have since then have moved exclusively online but students are no less enthusiastic.


The Czech Republic is currently implementing InnoSchool in 5 schools and with more the 120 students, 3 more schools being set to start the project from January. Like other countries the feedback has been a positive one.


The InnoSchool Learning System is being piloted in 21 schools of the Republic of Moldova. More than 380 students are working towards developing their skills and competences and coming up with creative solutions for specific social needs from their communities.


With less than a month to finish all the InnoSchool Pilot activities both teachers, students, and us, the InnoSchool team, are enthusiastically waiting to see who the winners of the school competitions will be and what the general feedback of the first implementation is. Follow our social media platforms for more information about the Pilot.



Teacher testimonials about the Pilot



"Pupils especially like they can choose their journey from 6 social themes."


Kvetoslava Dankova - High School sv. Tomasa Akvinskeho, Kosice, Slovakia



“Students have really started to like the Serious Game, they are open, they create their own ideas fast, and work on it really hard.”


Stephen, teacher at The First Vocational School, Hungary




“The InnoSchool Pilot was welcomed by our students as they are looking for opportunities to explore the community and be involved in designing innovative ways to solve social needs. It is challenging for the teachers as well because we do not have extensive knowledge on the topic of entrepreneurship and social innovation. Thus, this is a good opportunity for us to learn and to practice together with the students.”


Carolina Butusneanu, teacher at the Agroindustrial College of Ungheni





“During this short period of the ILS implementation, it was noticed a growth of competitive spirit among students’ teams, which positively motivates both students and teachers to continue working.  The students are encouraged to work together while learning how to respect each other. The modern technologies used in the educational purpose are highly beneficial for students and teachers.”


Vesna Jevtić, pedagogy and psychology professor, Traffic and electro school, Doboj, Bosnia and Herzegovina




“For me personally, it associates with building innovative thinking in adolescents, forming teamwork, and forming good thoughts in the younger generation, because this proves, that meeting the 6 social topics, these young people are getting better, and more compassionate persons."


Anelia Popova, teacher in the Vocational High School of Economics and Tourism PGIT “Prof. Assen Zlatarov”, Petrich, Bulgaria


Also view a recorded teacher testimonial from Serbia HERE!




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