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The European Week of Regions and Cities #EURegionsWeek is the biggest annual Brussels-based event dedicated to regional policy.


On the 18th Edition, scheduled for the 12-15th of October, InnoSchool project has been selected to showcase the new educational tool – Serious Game - within an exhibition stand. We invite all interested visitors to examine together possible solutions on building the future of entrepreneurship education in the Danube Region. Our idea is to create an attractive experience by playing the InnoSchool Serious Game, followed by round-table discussions with project experts focused on the idea and the design of the game. During the entire event, short reports, animated videos and testimonials from the pilot taking place in the 9 EU countries will be released constantly to the public. All these resources will contribute to a better understanding of the theoretical approach and of the relevant elements of the Innovative Learning System.


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Preparation for the next to come!


A new internal meeting between project partners in Bulgaria is scheduled for the 2nd part of August, hosted by Business Incubator – Gotse Delchev, Entreprenuership Promotion Centre. Top issues like Teachers Training, InnoSchool Day Seminars and Pilot of the Learning System in secondary school students are to be finally pointed and agreed. Looking forward to it!


InnoSchool Days Seminars represent a new type of public event, scheduled before and after the Pilot. They are designed to spread the public knowledge on ILS and to boost the entrepreneurial mind set and social innovation awareness in the Danube Region. Each partner can decide on the format of the event (physical or virtual or joint type), targeting secondary schools' management and teachers, policy bodies’ representatives, Advisory Groups members, collaborators and many others showing interest in the InnoSchool topic.  Follow us on our social media and stay connected!


Teachers Training is another yet to come significant activity belonging to the InnoSchool eco-system. More than 90 teachers (around 10 / country) will be trained in understanding and applying the InnoSchool Pedagogy. The Teachers Handbook represents a practical step-by-step teaching guidance for the Pilot itself. Being a teaching supply it is designed to provide the set of offline activities, the Serious Game manual both for playing and administrating classes’ accounts as well as the methodological & theoretical input to fully equip teachers for their work with ILS. Numerous teaching aids and training materials are specially developed by our experts, under the coordination of EUB, to be used at Training workshops for teachers.



Want to join our Pilot Community? You still can!



The countdown has begun, and in the next few months the InnoSchool Serious Game and its concept will be present in more than 100 schools in 9 European countries. If your school would like to be among these and implement for the first time our highly innovative learning system, we have excellent news for you.


On the 1st of February 2020, a new Open Call was launched with the specific aim to openly promote the chance of all territorial secondary schools (from the project participating countries) to take part in the InnoSchool Learning System (ILS) Pilot. In the context of the Covid19 pandemic the recruitment process has been extended to 31st of August 2020, so you still have time to apply and be among the pioneers of the InnoSchool initiative. Check our web-page for more information. 


Can’t wait to play the Serious Game?


In the last months we shared knowledge, thoughts and ideas about the Serious Game. We are now in the final stages of the game development, adding final touches so that students in each participating country will be able to play it in their local language.


Yes, you read correctly! The InnoSchool Serious Game will be translated in 8 languages and students will be able to choose in which language they want to play the game. If we made you even more curious then you already were, here are some short videos that will give you a sneak peek into the levels of the game.


InnoSchool Serious Game 1


InnoSchool Serious Game 2


InnoSchool Serious Game 3


InnoSchool Serious Game 4


We are InnoSchool: Our story


Storytelling is nowadays one of the most powerful ways to spread your ideas into the world. We all have a story to tell, whether it is a fact or a fiction. Storytelling is a natural way to process information because stories make information understandable, interesting, emotional and memorable. They help us relate to each other, they connect us, unite us, and generate meaning for us.  


That is why we wanted to share our story and do it in an easy, short and relatable way, using the storytelling method. View our final result here -> #weareInnoSchool





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