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first International Danube Energy+ Day



 We are happy to announce that the First International Danube Energy+ Day was held on the 28th of January 2020 in Karlsruhe, Germany and was a huge success! The conference aimed to share the insights of multiple experts from various programs such as politics, economics, education, innovation and accelerators, and to gain knowledge from successful start-ups. The highlight of the event was the launch of the Open Call for Danube Energy+ Tool Pilot – the specially developed pre-acceleration program for young innovators with innovative sustainable energy ideas. A short video from the event can be found on the following link.


series of half-day visits and motivational workshops


During the past few months the project partners organized a series of half-day visits and motivational workshops in order to identify, attract and motivate young innovators to apply for the Danube Energy+ Tool. The half-days visits were held across different universities in the 9 countries, including technical specialties, engineering faculties, business and marketing courses etc. The half-day visits targeted Master and Bachelor students in order to diversity the outreach of the Tool.

Half-day visits were organized, inviting successful start-ups in the fields of cleantech, energy efficiency and sustainable energy in order to motivate Young Innovators to parttake in their entrepreneurship adventure. The motivational workshops were composed in a variety of formats: as separate events, in university classes etc. and included ideation workshops, lectures and discussions.


Germany’s Pilot successfully implemented online!



The German Danube Energy+ Pilot was planned for the timeframe 17.-20.03.2020 and should have taken place nearby the InnoEnergy office - in the TechnologyPark Karlsruhe. Due to the given circumstances surrounding COVID-19 and the fact that step by step the public life in Germany came to a standstill, the InnoEnergy team decided to go from the physical to the virtual implementation of the Pilot. In agreement with the mentors and the cooperation partner AXEL - the Energy Accelerator, the InnoEnergy team implemented a virtual 4-days workshop on the topics Business Models, Pitching and Sales, as well as Ideation.

The mentors adapted their content and approach in an excellent way, so that all Young Innovators who participated were content with the Pilot.

The workshops were led by the following 4 mentors:

1.       Christos Klamouris, AXEL - Energy Accelerator (introduction and moderation)

2.       Markus Böhrer - Böhrer Unternehmensberatung (business models & ideation)

3.       Markus Lau - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (business models & ideation)

4.       Andreas Ott - Pitch Training expert (pitching and sales)


The feedback round on day 4 was very positive: the participants confirmed the usefulness and importance of such workshops and  the Danube Energy+ Tool as a learning scheme





Due to the current situation internationally, at the moment it is impossible to hold the Danube Energy+ Tool Pilots in person.

Depending on the current situation in each country, some partners have decided to realize their Pilot programs virtually, while others have postponed it until the autumn. While the reality of COVID-19 is very hard, now an international audience will be able to join the envisioned Demo Days.


Those partners who will implement their Pilot online will also have the Demo Day online, which can be attended by anyone – contact dianka@cleantech.bg to receive an invitation to the Demo days.


The German Demo Day will be held virtually on the 23rd of April 2020. REGISTER HERE

The Bulgarian Demo Day will be held virtually on the 30th of April 2020. 


Thus, despite the difficult times we are all living in, the Danube Energy+ team is still working hard to enable Young Innovators to transform the energy sector in the Danube macroregion. 





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