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Dear readers, dear friends of the Danube - Black Sea Region!

More than half of the planned project duration has already passed, DBS Gateway Region partners and stakeholders can build on the results achieved so far in the previous project periods.

Based on findings of regional workshops a potential analysis was undertaken. Together with the commitment for long term cooperation by different stakeholders the DBS Gateway Region Joint Vision 2040, that defines Strategic Objectives and describes Fields of Intervention to support the development of the region towards a transnational multiport gateway region, was adopted. In the last project months, the emphasis was put on developing a Roadmap for the Vision and breaking down these goals in Regional Action Plans.

Dissemination plans to communicate project achievements and future goals as well as the set-up of solid grounds for a continuing institutional cooperation after the project were discussed and defined in the last Consortium Meeting and transnational workshop in Serbia.

Stay tuned for the DBS Gateway Region River Show transporting project goals and results! 

Save the date for the Final Conference in June 2019 in Austria and follow the pilot action making its way from China to Serbia via the project news on the project website!

The DBS Gateway Region project team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a happy Holiday Season!


Roadmap to 2040


To support the Vision of a strong DBS- Gateway Region and foster its targets the consortia together with the strategic partners defined a Roadmap to 2040, stating concrete measures for intervention and corresponding funding guidelines, and in more detail Regional Action Plans. These RAP deal with the specifics of each of the nine participating “Port Regions” and its surrounding hinterlands and includes not only mainstream infrastructure projects but also deals with the initiation of not so prominent projects that need to be achieved to facilitate a smooth implementation. Additionally, one Cooperation Action Plan guiding the development of transnational measures to be taken in the near future to build a Cooperation Platform after the project comes to an end, was set up.  


Transnational Workshops in Novi Sad and Vukovar, Serbia


More than 100 experts from Central and East European Countries came together on 14th November 2018 at the Hotel Sheraton in Novi Sad and on 15th November 2018 at the Port Authority/ Agency for Inland Waterways in Vukovar for the Transnational Workshops on Capacity Building and Know-How Transfer of the Danube-Black Sea (DBS) Gateway Region project. The workshops were organised by the University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Technical Sciences and the Port Authority Vukovar together with Freeport of Budapest Logistics Ltd.

Read more and find the presentations here!


DBS Gateway Region Pilot Action


The DBS Gateway Region pilot action intends to face the challenge that implementation often lags behind recommendations in regional Roadmaps/Action Plans. Experience and data generated out of the action will assist the preparation of implementation of necessary projects recommended to increase the attractiveness of the inland waterway transport system in the DBS Gateway Region.  The Pilot Action comprehends four activities, it started in October 2018 and will be finalized in April 2019. Follow the news to stay on track!

  1. Organisation, tracking, and tracing of one container and bulk cargo transportation from China to Serbia via the port of Constanta, using the Danube river. The tracking and tracing will include photos and video material and will enable the collection of all relevant data that is needed for further comparison of the transport price, time and emissions on this route with other competitive routes. This will also enable detection of all existing bottlenecks that will be evidenced in the Travel book.
  2. Based on the offers received from the freight forwarders, comparison of transport price, time and emissions for cargo flows from China to Serbia, over ports Koper, Rijeka, Bar, Piraeus and Constanta, will be performed and the different routes documented in the Travel Book.  
  3. Road Inventory Survey of the transport conditions and potential backups for the routes: Galati – Novi Sad, Varna – Novi Sad, Burgas – Novi Sad. On all of these routes, from the Port of Ruse/Giurgiu to Novi Sad, the Danube river should be considered (including backup routes in the case of bad navigational conditions), while from the Black sea ports to the Port of Ruse/Giurgiu road and rail transport routes should be analysed.
  4. Development of an application that is using the multi-criteria decision making (price, time and emissions) in order to compare different available routes from A to B and to suggest an optimal solution.

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