Together for a GREEN DANUBE in the second year!


More than half way has already been achieved by the 16 partners from seven countries of the Danube Region since the official start of the GREEN DANUBE project last year in January. During this time the first results have been proudly announced by the whole project team together, whereas all partners are also continuously working on several project activities in favour of the common objective: to limit the negative impact of transport systems in the Danube ecosystem – together for a GREEN DANUBE! Organising national workshops or transnational campaign, analysing first results of the air quality measurements while also preparing for the upcoming ones are some of the activities carried out by the partnership during the past six months.


Greening Technologies



A major milestone was already reached within the project and the GREEN DANUBE consortium is now able to provide access to the IWT vessels regime and green technologies database, hosted by BDCA and publicly available under the following link: http://gddb.bdcabg.org. The database contains information (reports, data files, photos, videos, etc.) clustered into four categories: IWT Vessel Data, Green Tech Data, Alternative Fuel Data and Air Quality Data and will be updated regularly. Read more 


The GREEN DANUBE team is also happy to announce the final list of selected best practises for emission reduction in the Danube Region (http://www.interreg-danube.eu/approved-projects/green-danube/section/greening-technologies-best-practices). Moreover, all the results of the technical work package “Greening Technologies” are leading to the Greening Strategy providing recommendations and detailed information for emissions reduction in the Danube Region, strategy to be evaluated and validated during national workshops in all seven countries of the project.


Promotion and Dissemination of the Project and its results






In order to spread information on the project results and to raise public awareness regarding environmental challenges and greening technologies, several events have been organised or attended:The first national workshop on the Greening Strategy took place in Vienna in April with the participation of various stakeholders in order to discuss possible greening technologies and to learn about opportunities for modernisation of the Danube fleet. In May, the 27th international symposium "Deltas and Wetlands” 2018 held in Tulcea, Romania was organised by the project partner Danube Delta National Institute. During the event the GREEN DANUBE team was rewarded with the second place for their contribution to “Environmental factors, Ecological Restoration and Anthropic Impact” by doing the assessment of air quality in selected critical environmental areas on the Danube River. Read more


Raising Public Awareness


Sharing the results of our project with the wider public will help create the right awareness on environmental topics in the Danube Region.

The GREEN DANUBE IWT Environmental Information Centres (EICs) are being developed and the first event in the transnational campaign already took place in Duisburg, Germany, with the help of the mobile EIC developed in Hungary. The fixed EICs will also start facilitating cooperation actions at transnational level in Serbia, Romania and Croatia in the near future. Read more




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