Project ideas / Partner-search

The Danube Transnational Programme has launched a partner search tool, to give potential applicants the possibility to propose projects ideas and to form quality partnerships for the first call for proposals. We invite future applicants to use this useful tool.


This Partner Search Platform aims at giving potential Danube Transnational Programme call applicants the opportunity to promote their project idea and seek partners. You can submit your project idea here.

Potential partners can browse through the published project ideas by thematic priority and/or country. To find out more, please check the project idea database below.

Another way to get the contact details of institutions potentially interested in becoming partners of a proposal is to contact the DTP National Contact Points (NCPs). In order to facilitate this partner-search process, we invite you to fill in this short template when addressing the NCPs.

A comprehensive list of Interreg programmes can also be found here. KEEP provides information regarding projects and beneficiaries of European Union programmes. You may find your future project partners among those listed!

A Danube Reference Data and Services Infrastructure (DRDSI) pilot project, coordinated by the Joint Research Center, was established to store free open data from the Danube region, making them accessible online for all users, and thus supporting integrated policy-making needs. The DRDSI Portal gathered thousands of datasets which can be used for developing new research projects, expanding current ideas and connecting scientists. You should check it out!

A word of caution!

Please note that the project ideas displayed below have not been approved in any way by the Danube Transnational Programme. This project idea database serves only information and contact purposes and the facilitation of project preparation.

We kindly ask you to check carefully the project ideas before submitting them and to ensure that the version submitted is the final one, as there will be no possibility for modification after submission.

Other project idea/partner seach databases can be found in the following links:

Submitted Project title Country Priority Promoter
29-11-2021 09:01:48 Decision support system for sustainable water management in the Danube River Basin Hungary Well-governed Danube region - Improve institutional capacities to tackle major societal challenges Szechenyi Istvan University
03-11-2021 10:49:44 Information&Management and Decision Support System for multi-purpose reservoir Modrac Bosnia & Herzegovina Better connected and energy responsible Danube region Lead Digit Ltd. London, W1U 6PD, UK
12-02-2021 13:08:32 Potentials of narrow gauge railways in Danube region Czech Republic Environment and culture responsible Danube region Institute of Technology and Business in České Budějovice
10-02-2021 17:01:16 Specific logistics of returnable packaging in Danube region Czech Republic Better connected and energy responsible Danube region Institute of Technology and Business in České Budějovice, Department of Transport and Logistics
23-09-2020 16:03:57 Monitoring and analysis of sediment transport, scour formation in rivers (Danube River), estuaries and coastal waters with wind wave’s influence Ukraine Well-governed Danube region Institute of Hydromechanics Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
03-07-2020 15:39:04 Sultans Trail Grand Tour 2021 Netherlands Environment and culture responsible Danube region - Foster sustainable use of natural and cultural heritage and resources Stichting Sultans Trail
17-03-2020 16:20:27 GreenH2Danube: Taking Hydrogen to the next level of the Interreg-Danube Programme and beyond (IPCEI) - search for partners in 2020 Germany Innovative and socially responsible Danube region - Increase competences for business and social innovation ARENA INNOVATION & The HYDROGEN SOCIETY
05-11-2019 12:43:54 Connecting Family Forests (CFF) Albania Environment and culture responsible Danube region National Federation of Communal Forests and Pastures of Albania
22-10-2019 08:39:35 Mr Liberia Jon
18-05-2019 10:26:49 Academic Project " Jules Vern's Danubian novels" Bulgaria Environment and culture responsible Danube region Sofia University " St. Kliment Ochridski"

The Danube Transnational Programme is committed to respect and protect the privacy of personal data collected and displayed in this website. We will never communicate personal data to third parties if not for information and dissemination purposes strictly related to the programme and its projects. The DTP is not responsible for the misuse of this data which third parties may do. The DTP will eliminate immediately any personal data displayed in its website if requested by the interested party.

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