Capacity building for environmental risk management through the application of environmental modeling

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    Environment and culture responsible Danube region - Increase competences for business and social innovation - Improve preparedness for environmental risk management - Support environmentally-friendly and safe transport systems and balanced accessibility of urban and rural areas - Improve institutional capacities to tackle major societal challenges

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    Faculty of Applied Ecology, Singidunum University

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    In recent years significant strides have been made to raise the awareness about environmental problems and protection in the region, but the capacity of the entire society to deal with these issues is still not satisfactory. This is especially true relate

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    Long-term desired effect of the project is to contribute to environmental sustainability through better networking, civil society, community and public policy engagement. This would be achieved by rising capacities within civil society organizations and t

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    Local self-government and other civil society sector representatives are trained for environmental modeling and capable to apply it for environmental risk management, local strategic planning, baseline analysis and policy testing. A network management str

    Main foreseen activities

    WP1 Management
    WP2 Defining and preparing education plan
    WP3 Networking, establishment of regional Danube network for environmental risk management, engaging key participants for training program
    WP4 Implementation of training activities
    WP4 Disse

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    Danube region is very populated and is heavily used for commercial activities which can pose various anthropocentric environmental risks. On the other hand it is a lard watershed with potentially significant natural risks, primarily flooding. The project

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    Uros Radojevic


    Pozeska 83a, 11000, Belgrade



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Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)