Specific logistics of returnable packaging in Danube region

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    Better connected and energy responsible Danube region

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    Institute of Technology and Business in České Budějovice, Department of Transport and Logistics

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    Returnable packages (reusable pallets, racks, bulk containers, hand-held containers etc.) move product efficiently and safely throughout the supply chain. Reusable packaging is typically used by manufacturers/processors and their suppliers/customers in a well-organized supply chain. In the current situation there are many companies, using one-way packaging, primary because of not effectivness to use returnable systems. In Danube region there are many challenges to prepare very tightly managed shipping loops, which could bring effective solutions for many companies, bonded with optional or mandatory issues specially in environmental field and economic benefits. Topic of returnable packaging includes not only the logistics, but also quality of packaging by reusability – e.g. traceability, integrity of packages or cleanliness.

    (main and specific objectives to be achieved)

    The main goal is to study and select the most optimal goals to prepare an effective network for returnability of packaging, grounded on requirements to reduce the waste. Specific objectives are to motivate companies, which are using only one-way-packages which is possible through many ways.

    Main results and core outputs

    Main expected results are the recommendations and creation of new, the most economically and environmentally effective network of shipping loops for returnable packaging, which goes round the Danube Region.
    1) analysis of current situation
    2) experimental research
    3) creation of model situations
    3) development of recommendations for the most economical and environmental solutions for politicians, authorities and business partners.

    Main foreseen activities

    Organization of conferences, round tables with the involvement of business partners and government

    Innovative character of the project idea

    Distribution of knowledge about possibilities and challenges of returnable packaging

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    Jan Pečman


    Okružní 517/10, České Budějovice 37001


    Czech Republic

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Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)