Knowledge, communication, cooperation and European integration by using in the Danube space the new digital media technologies

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    Environment and culture responsible Danube region - Foster sustainable use of natural and cultural heritage and resources

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    Asociaţia Europeea

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    Our project falls within this context and contribute to the knowledge and cooperation between different areas of the Danube area relying mainly on direct relationships and the use of new digital media technologies. Thus we consider the accomplishments of integrated information platform for the exchange of ideas, information and cultural events. Within these platforms will find local online television studios and other media (editing, publishing leaflets, booklets specific manuals on each of the areas participating in the project) Inside the project our partners will realize at least three new multimedia centers or will modernize the existent centers. These will contain actual new media technologies. By using these centers and also through visits or organized events the partners will realize knowledge exchanges, information, know how, media materials about natural resources and cultural and historical heritage in Danubian area of each partner. We shall realize media productions in coope

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    Diversification of economic, scientific, technologic and cultural exchange between many Danube country Utilization a large scales a news media technology. The knowledge and mutual dissemination of information about each Danubian countries is representing an especially important potential in order to facilitate the cooperation. The potential of natural resources and also scientific, cultural and artistic, literary, historical archeological, gastronomically, hand-made production, folkloric features, the traditions and customs all these are able to become point of departure in order to realize actions of cooperation and mutual exchanges between the participating units of this project. Also through these units and by using the informally integrated platform and the new media technologies which are to be used, we can put the foundation for tourist exchanges, beginnings of business, scientific researches about social and psychically aspects or historic, archeological and folkloric aspects.

    Main results and core outputs

    Between the Danube countries there is a great potential for interrelationships. This allows mutual learning processes, economic, scientific, cultural interchanges intensify and contribute to cooperation and deep knowledge between different areas. One major result indicator will be the number of new multimedia centers or existing and modernized, realizeated in this project in each participating country. Trough this centers will be realizeated learning actions, economic and cultural exchanges between the Danube countries participating. We will realize at least 7 multimedia centers which will assure learning, cooperation and knowledge transfer, information and new media materials throughout the project. Also we estimate that this collaboration will continue and will be on a permanent base after the project will be finalized. On the base of accumulated experience in this project, partners will initiate and conduct other projects. Partners will learn from each other experience.

    Main foreseen activities

    1. Links to television studios and virtual or online and broadcasting, belonging to the project partners
    2. Blogs and web sites which enable real time exchange of information between the Danube regions.
    3. Developing cultural platform interactive
    4. System processing and multimedia database query with images of Danubian cooperative areas (culture, archeology, history, tourism, gastronomy, traditions, crafts, business etc.
    5. query-based multimedia content database with adaptive semantic software.
    6. continuing education system, inter-regional and trans-Danubian exchange of information in the Danubian cooperative domains.
    7. Collaboration and adaptive processes for achieving interoperability of e-learning, e-entrepreneurship, e-business
    8. Information Acquisition and Distributed Decision-making for Resources and Environment.
    9. Methods and procedures based on Petri nets
    10. Methodologies for representing hypermedia-based knowledge of processes and procedures intercommunication

    Innovative character of the project idea

    Danubian area is a multicultural one of great spiritual richness and diversity. Each of these ten countries has a national and cultural inheritance that makes it unique. The mutual knowledge of this inheritance in each land and also the intensification of exchanges between danubian countries is a part of the Danube Strategy in accordance with DTP. Inside this project are 12 partners which are covering a territorial area of half of the danubian countries. These are Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania. To these countries is added one partner from Greece. The necessity of this consortium is resulting from the demand of DTP. The so created consortium is answering to the provisions formulated in the platform. The relevance of the project consist in that that it allows cooperation between partners from these countries using the newest scientifically knowledge, products and devices belonging to the new media. Inside the project at least seven multimedia centers are going to be built and they will be connecte

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    24 monts

  • Partners involved at this stage

    ERDF Partners

    Spiru Haret University - Bucharest, Romania
    Vienna Institute for Urban - Vienna Austria
    Bulgarian Management Association = Bulgaria
    Book Boutique = Sofia Bulgaria
    Bulgarian CSR Exporters Cluster = Sofia, Bulgaria
    HETFA Research Institute - Budapest,, Hungary
    Innovations Institute - Sofia ,Bulgaria,.
    HASHTAG-BG Foundation - Bulgaria, Sofia,
    Inter-Regional Development Organization - Budapest, Hungary
    Danube Alternative - Pleven Bulgaria
    Italian Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria - Sofia – Bulgaria
    158 Ltd - Bulgaria
    European Values InstituteInnovation Center - Sofia Bulgaria
    Human Resources Development Agency - Ruse, Bulgaria

    IPA Partners

    University of Kragujevac = Serbia

    Associated Strategic Partners

    Spiru Haret University - Bucharest, Romania
    Vienna Institute for Urban - Vienna Austria
    Bulgarian Management Association = Bulgaria

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    The consortium is open to new partners with the media

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    The consortium is open to new partners with the media

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    Ion CORBU


    Str. Unirii 340, Tamaşi Corbeanca, jud. Ilfov, vila 16, Hystria Rezidence



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Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)