Danube Velo Routes- DVR

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    Environment and culture responsible Danube region - Foster sustainable use of natural and cultural heritage and resources

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    Human Resources Development Agency

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    Tourists have increased their visits to natural and cultural sites in recent years. All these tourists flows should be focused on green tourism, responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people. Green tourism is above all a sustainable tourism, based entirely on a tolerant attitude towards nature, local culture, organic plant and livestock farming, traditions and lifestyles, with the emphasis on limiting the damage we cause on a daily basis to the environment.

    (main and specific objectives to be achieved)

    Improved frameworks, capacities and solutions for sustainable development of tourism in the Danube region based on the protection and sustainable use of natural and cultural heritage and resources, reduction of resource and energy consumption and sustainable mobility management in order to derive multiple benefits in terms of economic development, environmental protection and quality of life.

    Main results and core outputs

    The main project result is the creation of a joint and integrated approach, establishment of a common strategy and networking for preservation and management of the natural and cultural heritage by stimulating the development of bicycle tourism in the Danube region. Achieving sustainable growth and balanced development of the regions through the development of a new tourist product "Common Danube Bicycle Routeā€. This will be reached by work in joint network for communities collaborating in the common valorisation of their cultural and natural heritage and resources from all project partners as well as Involving tourism stakeholders at all levels (public authorities, EUSDR PA3, private entities, educational institutions, NGOs).

    Main foreseen activities

    The activities planned aim to carry out a spatial study of the possibilities for building biking routes and their stimulating - carrying out a spatial study of the region for gathering information on the possibilities of developing the alternative methods of transporting -Built Bike Routes. Collect examples of good regional practices on how to stimulate alternative methods of movement. Common rules for collecting information will be developed to apply a unified approach to its analysis. This will help to create a common spatial strategy for the development of a sustainable and balanced tourist product. These activities are planned to be implemented in a broad partnership of different organizations in order to achieve a balance in the creation of a common project product

    Innovative character of the project idea

    One NEW and EXTENSIVE cooperation MODEL in the use of potential of the Danube. Drafting the strategic documents will be prepared through practical implementation of pilot actions, policy and rules for protection of the region aiming to development ot velo tourism through work in networking platform. The jointly developed and agreed strategic documents and the information about the pilot actions will be uploaded on the platform and available for use by all countries in the Danube region, including the ones not part of the project

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    2,5 million

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    Nina Dragneva


    14 Kresna Str, Ruse



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Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)