BIo-corridors Restoration for Development of Sustainable tourism - BIRDS

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    Environment and culture responsible Danube region - Foster the restoration and management of ecological corridors

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    Human Resources Development Agency

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    Collecting information from the region on the various habitats and migration corridors in the Danube Region, collecting good practices and methods of work on the ground for the protection of these habitats, and raising awareness among local people about these places. Survey on the attitudes of local authorities for the possibility of connecting them to a common Danube network

    (main and specific objectives to be achieved)

    Creating new innovative approaches to stimulate local / regional stakeholders to conserve these areas by raising their awareness and ecological knowledge about the surrounding areas and the species of birds that use these habitats, about the opportunities, which development of tourism provides in order to stimulate people / local authorities to protect these habitats

    Main results and core outputs

    Implementing the needs of people living around important habitats and water reflections according to the opportunities that these habitats provide for the development of sustainable tourism.Development of a Common Danube Strategy Strategy for the Storage of Water Mirrors and Territories of Transnational Importance. - creating an unified approach for work in the entire Danube region.

    Main foreseen activities

    Organizing of workshops, information seminars to work with local people and authorities to familiarize them with the importance of habitats. Collecting examples with good practices about the role of the conservation of habitats and species for development of green tourism. and conservation of bio-corridors in the Upper Danube region - creation of films and other promotional materials with good practices to be uploaded to the IT platform

    Innovative character of the project idea

    Creation of a Virtual Danube Map and IT platform with important habitats and migratory flow of birds.

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    2,5 million

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    Nina Dragneva


    14 Kresna Str, Ruse



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Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)