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    Innovative and socially responsible Danube region - Improve framework conditions for innovation

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    Capital of the Slovak Republic, Bratislava

    Needs and challenges
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    Urban regeneration as a tool for public policies reacting to the complexity of urban development foresees strategic intervention. However, top-down initiatives are not sufficient, and the bottom-up initiatives does not allow a sustainable cooperation among various stakeholders. Most relevant initiatives are results of the collaboration of public administration and private sphere, and other actors in urban regeneration processes play an essential role. These are the civil society, and the fourth dimension of the quadruple helix, the educational society.
    Massive brain drain, the lack of appropriate entrepreneurial public policies and social services are some of the problems urban policies have to handle.
    The sector of creative industries have the unarguable potential to be a significant factor in economic growth and employment. It has high-growth capacity, a massive potential for growth, and job creation potential that are important factors in the urban development.

    (main and specific objectives to be achieved)

    The project´s main objectives are:
    1. to strengthen a transversal approach and contribute to continuous development of urban regeneration and service innovation, with a special focus on creative industries throigh bridging knowledge with action by creating educational influence;
    2. to develop strategies and action plans for urban regeneration to strengthen employment;
    3. to implement innovative service hubs as innovative type of services and their transnational ecosystem;
    4. to improve innovative framework conditions and define policy recommendations including place-based and people-centered motivational maps in the field of innovative urban regeneration in the Danube region.

    Main results and core outputs

    The foreseen outputs are:
    1. strategies and action plans for innovative public policy frameworks and recommendations;
    2. working groups to prepare feasibility studies, needs analysis, motivational maps, and the strategy for the Danube regions;
    3. connecting innovation leaders and policy makers to come up with the list of suggestion for improving pro-innovation policies;
    4. innovative service hubs in the Danube regions as innovative type of services and learning systems;
    5. transnational ecosystem of the service hubs connecting all relevant stakeholders for a sustainable and significant alliance;
    6. joint ENDURANCE branding for the Danube region.

    Main foreseen activities

    The main foreseen activities are:
    1. Joint Innovative Urban Regeneration Alliance strategies & action plans for the Danube region
    2. Innovative Tools & Service Supports incl. the ENDURANCE Platform, the ENDURANCE joint branding, and the ENDURANCE Service Hubs and their transnational network
    3. ENDURANCE Learning systems and pilot initiatives incl. participatory events, training and mentoring program
    4. Policy recommendations & framework conditions & Sustainability and transferability

    Innovative character of the project idea

    The project´s innovative character relies on the integrated and participative approaches combined with the service-dominant logic perspective, as in the field of urban regeneration neither top-down, nor bottom-up initiatives can be successful enough compared to a collaborative and holistic cooperation.
    The service-dominant logic in the context of urban regeneration, and the strong participatory collaboration of stakeholders in the cross-sectorial quadruple helix ensures the long-term impact in order to raise awareness on certain urban challenges, to increase knowledge, to influence behaviour and change attitude.
    Relying on the regional smart specialisation strategies (RIS3), the role of the knowledge-intensive creative industries will stay in focus.
    Last, but not least, the joint ENDURANCE branding should ensure long-term visibility and sustainability.

    Estimated Total Budget
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    2 mio EUR

    Estimated duration
    (in months)

    30 months

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    Capital of the Slovak Republic, Bratislava

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    Jozef Lavička


    Primaciálne námestie č. 1, 814 99 Bratislava



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