Smart, self-sustainable, eco-friendly building

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    Better connected and energy responsible Danube region - Improve energy security and energy efficiency

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    Dom zdravlja Mostar

    Needs and challenges
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    Dom zdravlja Mostar consists of two separate buildings, which are currently being heated by boiler oil boilers. In the common boiler located in the "NEW BUILDING" facility, there are currently two hot water boilers with a capacity of 350 kW. The cooling of both buildings is done by means of independent refrigeration units located on the roofs of these buildings. The new project should foresee the heating and cooling of these facilities by means of a heat pump that uses as a thermal source (abutment) underground water since two large objects located near heat and cooling in this way have achieved significant savings in consumption energy. With this heating and cooling system using heat pump, water would achieve a great savings in energy consumption, and CO2 emissions would be reduced as fuel oil replacing fuel oil with energy-efficient heat pumps.

    (main and specific objectives to be achieved)

    1. Re-use of water and recycling
    2. Water and waste water treatment, including recovery of the resources
    3. Building smart systems providing their own power supply
    4. Energy Efficiency

    Main results and core outputs

    Improve energy security and energy efficiency

    Main foreseen activities

    The main activities would be to install two pumps (heat pumps) and connect with underground water (located at 18 m)

    Innovative character of the project idea

    1. Research, development and establishment of systems for environmentally friendly production of energy for own renewable energy needs by installing water pumps and solar pannels.
    2. Construction of a pumping system
    3. Independent, self-sustainable and environmentally friendly building.

    Estimated Total Budget
    (in EUR)

    200 000 E

    Estimated duration
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    Ines Popovac


    Hrvatskih branitelja b.b.


    Bosnia & Herzegovina

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Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)