Diversification of Dunabe rural and eco-tourism

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    Environment and culture responsible Danube region - Foster sustainable use of natural and cultural heritage and resources

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    Municipality of Malko Tarnovo

    Needs and challenges
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    Tourism is very important economic sector, which influences economic growth and employment in countries and in the whole Europe in general.
    The Danube countries have unexplored potential for development of unique tourism routes, due to the unspoilt nature of the region, oldest culture and history, well preserved languages and traditions, inspiring legends. At the same time, the participating countries are developing their national strategies for conventional and rural tourism, taking into account the water-agri-food chain. Regardless of the active promotion of the tourist sector in each country, the sector faces the growing competition of the Far-Asian destinations and traditional West European tourist markets.
    The organic agricultural sector, the new waterways, the contemporary food patterns have the potential to provide to tourism creative, new, community and farm-based products and services. They will diversify, enhance and expand further the traditional tourism product offer. The alternative agro-bio t

    (main and specific objectives to be achieved)

    Agro-bio tourism is being proposed as a strategic economic activity that could engage rural communities in a mix of activities providing food related products and leisure within the productive organic farm property. It suggests a system within the agricultural property that transforms the normal farm environment by introducing a form of tourism, entertainment, hospitality or related activity that increases the profitability of the enterprise. By definition therefore, it is location based on a farm where some of the products and services also satisfy the standards set for a service industry.

    Main results and core outputs

    1. Analysis of tourist demand and supply
    2. Inventory of agricultural, bio-agro and eco-tourist events
    3. Establishment of new markets for or as tourists destinations and attraction with similar or innovative objectives(products, audience)
    4. Carry out a study, description, photographs and publishing a Handbook "Using Wild Cultivated Plants and Fruit"
    5. Create a joint partners system

    Main foreseen activities

    1: Program Management and Coordination
    2: Project Communication and Dissemination
    3: Identification and introduction of new and unique agro-bio tourism products (goods and services) with a view to expanding and diversifying the agricultural sector and the tourism product mix;
    4: Development and execution of a training programme for key stakeholders (agro-bio tourism entrepreneurs) focusing on the technical and managerial aspects of agro-bio tourism, including health and food safety and service standards;
    5: Development of an online application of agro-bio farmers for the promotion of cultural heritage

    Innovative character of the project idea

    - Enhanced sustainability and competitiveness through the development of new and unique products and services based on agro-bio tourism linkages;
    - The linkage can create additional value of organic agriculture;
    - Enhanced capability to develop new enterprises based on linking tourism with agriculture;
    - Diversification of markets;
    - Tourism and recreation activities are managed according to the principles of ecotourism;
    - Environmental Management of the farm;
    - Promotion and sale of organic food products.

    Estimated Total Budget
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    1 500 000

    Estimated duration
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    Deyan Yotov


    3 Malkotarnovska komuna str., 8162 Malko Tarnovo, BULGARIA



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Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)