Environmentally friendly manure management

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    Environment and culture responsible Danube region - Improve preparedness for environmental risk management

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    Ministry of agriculture, forestry and water management of Republic of Srpska

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    Adequate management of manure is one of the themes, for which is still not found the best solution in the Bosnia and Herzegovina. Namely, a large number of farmers do not store manure in an adequate way, and very often, such a bad way of storing manure results in pollution of ground waters. Additionally, the manure is not used in the proper way for fertilization, and often we do not have the appropriate fertilization effect on the total yields of cultivated agricultural crops. According to the Nitrates Directive the EU-member states (and non-member states in the process of EU integrations) are obliged to establish action programmes for the purpose of realizing the directives objective of reducing water pollution caused or induced by agricultural sources and preventing further such pollution.

    (main and specific objectives to be achieved)

    Proper manure management benefits the producer as well as the rest of the ecosystem. Application of manures to the land at the proper time-using proper management techniques and in proper amounts-recycles the nutrients through the soil profile, reducing the expense of commercial (inorganic) fertilizers as well as the need to add organic matter. Proper manure management improves water quality by preventing pollutants such as nutrients, organics, and pathogens from migrating to surface and ground waters. Soil quality is also improved through the addition of organic materials that improve soil tilth and increase the soil's water-holding capacity. Air quality also benefits from reduced emissions of methane and ammonia compounds, as well as reduced odours.

    Main results and core outputs

    The results of this project should be:
    - trained ministry and municipality personal,
    - promoted adequate manure management among farmers,
    - demonstrative examples implemented.

    Main foreseen activities

    - Protocol preparation,
    - experts engagament,
    - field research, specific
    - approaches determination,
    - education and trainings,
    - publishing and promotion,
    - regional conference on appropriate manure management and
    - underground water protection, demonstrative cases implementation.

    Innovative character of the project idea

    Similar idea was not implemented before in region

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    1.2 mil of €

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    Slavica Samardžić


    Trg Republike Srpske


    Bosnia & Herzegovina

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Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)