Sustainable development, protection and promotion of drinking water resources as natual and cultural heritage of the Danube region

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    Environment and culture responsible Danube region - Foster sustainable use of natural and cultural heritage and resources

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    The Water agency Association

    Needs and challenges
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    The idea is to develop, protect and promote the values of drinking water resources that have the character of natural and cultural heritage on those different locations in Danube region. There is a large number of springs that are abandoned and with uncontrolled water quality, and within the facilities or ambient units of significant cultural value.

    (main and specific objectives to be achieved)

    Improvement of the quality of the sites related to drinking water and objects of cultural heritage (springs, water bodies, wells)
    Networking the locations for a better tourist promotion
    Developing educational content and transferring knowledge and experiences of good practice

    Main results and core outputs

    We would revitalize the sites for reuse as either water sources or tourist sites. Then, we will create a web page with an interactive map, logo and partner presentation, E-portal for learning. Each partner would present water resources in their region that would focus on this project, drawing attention to others. These water resources must be linked to some cultural heritage or industrial heritage object. We would also present problems with the preservation of these water resources and suggest suggestions for their preservation. The fact is that we do not deal too well with the resource that is so important to us, and that besides it, we have some sort of cultural heritage. Water, water sources definitely represent one of the recognizable identities of the Danube region. Within the project we will create various promotional and educational materials: manuals, films,maps, picture books and games for and touristic routes.

    Main foreseen activities

    In accordance with the needs of sustainable and harmonized protection, revitalization and promotion of drinking water sources, we plan to partner with a series of related inter-sectoral activities. So we want to complete the process of protection and revitalization. Public utility companies and scientific institutions will undertake expert activities in determining the site, the quality of water and associated facilities. Provide activities and measures of protection and revitalization in digital form. Tourist boards and partner organizations will carry out promotional activities and campaigns at the local, regional and international level.

    Innovative character of the project idea

    On smaller examples we present the effect of landscape rehydration on preserving the quality of drinking water

    Estimated Total Budget
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    1.800.000,00 - 2.200.000,00

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    ERDF Partners

    The Water agency Association

    IPA Partners


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    ERDF Partners

    Ministries, Municipalities, universities, tourist organizations, waterworks utilities

    IPA Partners

    Ministries, Municipalities, universities, tourist organizations, waterworks utilities

    Associated Strategic Partners

    Legal entities for water management

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    Majda Adlešić


    56a, st. Florijan, Rogaška Slatina



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Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)