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    Well-governed Danube region - Improve institutional capacities to tackle major societal challenges

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    DATA D.O.O.

    Needs and challenges
    (Needs, main problems or challenges to be addressed)

    The main challenge consist in the potential of the transnational cooperation in the exchange of good practices, coordination of policies, establishing new transnational strategies that are at the moment not sufficiently explored when addressing major societal challenges in the region. This is the main aim of the project idea, which will develop new methodologies, strategies and tools on how to deliver all stakeholders relevant and correct informations concerning establishment of businesses, doing business and/or finding job and working in Danube region.

    (main and specific objectives to be achieved)

    • Increase employment and entrepreneurship (providing entrepreneurial workshops, consultations, establishment of businesses, etc.),
    • Boost the community cohesion,
    • Get a new know how and workforce helping the innovative economic development,
    • Support the development of effective policies for migrants’ integration,
    • Promote a strategic dialogue among the involved stakeholders,
    • Cross Know-how and workforce to foster economic development.

    Main results and core outputs

    1. transnational strategy
    2. mobile/web app
    3. formally established transnational cooperation structure

    Main foreseen activities

    1. collection on existing informations, methods, tools and innovative practices in Europe and especially in the Danube region, related to social innovation fostering the migrants’ economic integration, will be made,
    2. the specific methodology definition for the creation and development of the innovative process for the migrants’ economic integration,
    3. transnational test in pilot cases in each involved countries,
    4. establishing transnational cooperation structure
    5. increase employment and entrepreneurship (providing entrepreneurial workshops, consultations, establishment of businesses, etc.),

    Innovative character of the project idea

    We are daily faceing different challenges with economic migrants - they need a lot of information, advice, consulting etc. to successfully enter non-resident market. There are numerous web pages in every country that are providing informations, but they are to fragmented and also confusing. Therefore, our project aims to develop innovative business model for the comprehensive addressing needs of economic migrants (entrepreneurs, etc.) in Danube region. In terms of providing relevant business information, our project focuses excusively in: information on legislation, conditions for establishing a company, tax arrangements, etc.

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  • Partners involved at this stage

    ERDF Partners

    - Zala County Foundation for Enterprise Promotion (ZMVA) (Hungary)
    - DATA d.o.o. (Slovenia)
    - Association NEST Association for economic development of trade, business and industry enterprises (Bulgaria)

    IPA Partners

    - The Sarajevo Economic Region Development Agency (SERDA) (BIH)

    Associated Strategic Partners


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    ERDF Partners

    Germany, Austria, Croatia...

    Looking for lead partner.

    IPA Partners

    Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Republic of Moldova

    Associated Strategic Partners

    Local authorities, national ministries...

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    Tjaša Dobnik


    Dunajska cesta 136, 1000 Ljubljana



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Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)