YOUMIG Improving institutional capacities and fostering cooperation to tackle the impacts of transnational youth migration

-- Hungary

Local strategy - Szeged: EN

National Policy Recommendations - Hungary: EN


Researchers prepare population projections (Szeged example), September 28, 2017, EN
Infographic on youth migration in Hungary and Szeged, August 23, 2017, Version 1-EN, Version 2 (fb)-EN

Local pilots for better services, Szeged, EN

Introducing the project partners:

Hungarian Central Statistical Office, Budapest, HU, EN
Project Manager, Ádám Dickmann – interview, June 29, 2017, EN
Researcher, Zoltán Csányi - interview, September 15, 2017, EN

Municipality of Szeged, HU
Municipality of Szeged, July 25, 2017, EN


Migration Forum 3 in Szeged, on 15 October, 2018: Delmagyar online: HU

Study visit Szeged to Subotica, Serbia, on 24 October 2017, EN

Project aims linked to migration research at conference in Pécs, October 11, 2017, EN
Local meetings in Szeged, May 25-26, 2017:

Press release: HU
Invitation: HU
Photos: HU

Project kick-off meeting in Budapest, March 2, 2017:

Event: EN
Press release: HU

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)