SIMONA Sediment-quality Information, Monitoring and Assessment System to support transnational cooperation for joint Danube Basin water management

Filename Date of upload
Output T6.2 Small group interactive training and workshop events.... 04-01-2022 13:44:02
Output T5.3 30 experts trained at 3. SIMONA training event 04-01-2022 13:41:33
Output T5.2 30 experts trained at 2. SIMONA training event 04-01-2022 13:40:00
Output T5.1 30 experts trained at 1.SIMONA training event 04-01-2022 13:34:32
Output T1.5 40 experts trained at Stakeholder workshop 04-01-2022 13:28:47
Output T1.2 40 experts trained at Inventory workshop 04-01-2022 13:26:54
Output 4.3 Demonstration at Iron Gate Reservoir 04-01-2022 13:25:37
Output T1.4 DRB baseline network for HSs sediment monitoring 04-01-2022 13:22:26
Output T1.3 SIMONA demonstration at 3 test areas 04-01-2022 13:19:39
Output T6.1 Site-specific sediment quality evaluation guidelines (manual) 04-01-2022 13:18:24
Output T4.2 Guidance on sediment monitoring in large reservoirs 04-01-2022 13:16:24
Output T4.1 Reports on national methods and databases 04-01-2022 13:14:27
Output T3.2 SIMONA-IT tool 04-01-2022 13:13:04
Output T3.1 Sediment quality evaluation protocol for HSs 04-01-2022 13:10:06
Output T2.2 Sediment quality laboratory protocol for HSs 04-01-2022 13:07:18
Output T2.1 Sediment quality sampling protocol for HSs 04-01-2022 13:00:38
Output T1.1 Inventory of DRBs sediment monitoring activity 04-01-2022 12:54:41
Deliverable T.1.3.4 Laboratory report collection of the 26 sampling sites from DRB baseline network 07-01-2022 12:37:35
Deliverable T.1.5.1 Stakeholder workshop report is collecting the questions and their answers from the workshop 07-01-2022 12:34:11
Deliverable T.3.4.1 SIMONA-tool beta version online 07-01-2022 12:09:06
Deliverable T.3.4.2 SIMONA-tool beta version user guide 07-01-2022 12:11:25
Deliverable T.3.5.1 SIMONA-tool v1.0 user guide 07-01-2022 12:15:38
Deliverable T.3.4.3 SIMONA-tool beta version test report template 07-01-2022 12:14:01
Deliverable T.3.3.1 Observations and comments for Transnationally harmonized sediment evaluation protocol for HSs in DRBs surface waters proposal 07-01-2022 12:05:20
Deliverable T.3.2.1 Transnationally harmonized sediment evaluation protocol for HSS s in DRBs surface water proposal 07-01-2022 12:01:51
Deliverable T.4.2.1 Transnational guidance on sediment quality monitoring in large reservoirs 06-01-2022 13:08:52
Deliverable T.4.2.2 Case study supporting the operation of the hydropower plant from sediment quality point of view 06-01-2022 13:10:05
Deliverable T1.3.2 Laboratory report collection of the 10 sampling sites from test area 18-06-2021 09:54:41
Deliverable T4.1.2 Reports of measurement campaign in the Iron Gate Reservoir 18-06-2021 10:59:43
Deliverable T3.1.1 Qualitative review report describing the sediment evaluation methods current status and problems in the DTP countries 18-08-2020 13:22:21
Deliverable T.2.1.1 Qualitative review report describing the sediment sampling methods current status and problems in the DTP countries(2) 16-12-2019 13:29:14
DRB Baseline Sampling Guidelines (draft_"cookbook") 18-06-2021 09:48:02
D.T1.2.2 Table of sampling sites providing details for DRB baseline network 18-08-2020 13:20:58
D3.2.1 Table of sampling sites providing details for Upper Tisa test area (3) 16-12-2019 14:10:24
D.M.1.2. Kick-off meeting (Period 1) 16-12-2019 13:21:08
D.M.2.1 Advisory Board Meeting (Period 1) 16-12-2019 13:22:20

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)