RADAR Risk Assessment on Danube Area Roads

Road Safety Expert Group meetings

Through the Road Safety Expert Group (RSEG) meetings, the RADAR project offers opportunities for converging policies in a transnational strategy, reinforcing the need for harmonisation at the EU level. 

The RSEG meetings were deployed on four thematic areas: Safer Road Investment Plans; Provisions for Vulnerable Road Users (Pedestrians and Cyclists); Smart Speed Management Infrastructure and Road Safety Near Schools. Based on the discussions and meetings, reports on all four thematic areas are being used as the basis of the Danube Infrastructure Road Safety Improvement Strategy (DIRSIS), setting vision and objectives for road safety in the region, and Country Specific Action Plans (DIRSIAP) with detail of actions, time plan and contribution needed to achieve the DIRSIS. 

Road Safety Expert Group online meeting on Thematic Area 4: Road Safety Near Schools  
October 29, 2020

Road Safety Expert Group meeting in Hungary on Thematic Area 3: Smart Speed Management Infrastructure
November 21, 2019

Road Safety Expert Group meeting in the Czech Republic Thematic Area 2: Provisions for Vulnerable Road Users
September 25, 2019

Road Safety Expert Group meeting in Slovenia on Thematic Area 1: Safer Roads Investment Plans
March 27, 2019



Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)