RADAR Risk Assessment on Danube Area Roads

Name Type Email Country
European Insitute for Road Assessment - EuroRAP Lead partner olivera.rozi@eurorap.org SLOVENIA
General Automotoclub of the Czech Republic ERDF partner roman.turza@uamk.cz CZECH REPUBLIC
Austrian Road Safety Board ERDF partner klaus.machata@kfv.at AUSTRIA
Automobile and Motorcycle Association of Slovenia ERDF partner jure.kostanjsek@amzs.si SLOVENIA
KTI Institute for Transport Sciences Nonprofit Ltd ERDF partner sipos.tibor@kti.hu HUNGARY
Bulgarian Association for Road Safety ERDF partner bbars@abv.bg BULGARIA
University of Zagreb, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences ERDF partner sles@fpz.hr CROATIA
Bosnia and Herzegovina Automobile Club IPA partner m.imsirovic@bihamk.ba BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA
Automobile Club of Moldova ENI partner mihailovat@yahoo.com MOLDOVA
Ministry of Infrastructure, Slovenian Infrastructure Agency Associated partner Ljiljana.herga@gov.si SLOVENIA
Croatian Roads, a limited liability company for management, construction and maintenance of state roads Associated partner slavisa.babic@hrvatske-ceste.hr CROATIA
South East Europe Transport Observatory Associated partner lcela@seetoint.org SERBIA
The Road and Motorway Directorate of the Czech Republic Associated partner vlasta.michkova@rsd.cz CZECH REPUBLIC
European Union Strategy for Danube Region Priority Area 1b - Road, Rail and AIr links Associated partner franc.zepic@gov.si SLOVENIA
Road Infrastructure Agency (at the Bulgarian Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works) Associated partner a.kostadinova@api.bg BULGARIA
National Company For Roads Infrastructure Administration Associated partner flavius.paval@andnet.ro ROMANIA
National Motorway Company, Ltd. Associated partner lubomir.polkabla@ndsas.sk SLOVAKIA
International Road Assessment Programme Associated partner steve.lawson@irap.org UNITED KINGDOM
Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure Associated partner radu.rogovei@mei.gov.md MOLDOVA
Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs Associated partner irena.jankovic@msp.gov.me MONTENEGRO
Public Company Roads of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Associated partner reufb@jpcfbih.ba BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA

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