InnoSchool Strengthening social innovation and entrepreneurial spirit of secondary schools’ students by using highly innovative Learning System

Serious Game

Serious Game is the core ILS element. It is a digital learning tool, which provides opportunity to leaners to gain experience and generate social business idea through online simulation.

SG is designed as responsive web-based app, which to be used both in class and out of class by students’ teams to learn, play and accomplish their educational tasks.

Innovative aspects like social media and final interschool competition are incorporated in the Serious Game.

Check here for interesting updates on InnoSchool SG and InnoSchool Learning System designed to create awareness about social needs and improve the abilities and entrepreneurial skills of the upper secondary schools’ students.


You are getting a sneak peak at InnoSchool Serious Game App by accesing these links:

Serious Game Module 1

Serious Game Module 2

Serious Game Module 3

Serious Game Module 4

Serious Game Module 5

Serious Game all Modules



Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)