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Tina Igličar Kubalik                                                   

DEX Innovation Centre

Project manager: 01.09.2018 - 31.09.2019

Tina Igličar Kubalik is the Head of International Projects and Associate Director at DEX Innovation Centre (DEX-IC). Beyond many years of Project Management and agency experience, she is skilled in transnational cooperation, research and innovation. With an inclusive leadership style, Tina has the ability to inspire her colleagues, share her expertise, motivate and support the development of teams and projects. Now, she is enjoying the beautiful journey of life: maternity leave.

Lucile Noswitz

DEX Innovation Centre

Project manager: 01.10.2019 - present

Lucie Noswitz is project manager of international projects at DEX Innovation Centre (DEX-IC). Along her career, she was involved in Liberec team responsible for implementation of regional Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialization (RIS 3), as well as Head of Fundraising Department & Strategic Development of the same city. She has extensive experience in financial and management activities. From time to time, Lucie enjoys volunteering sports and cultural activities for children.

Simina Maria Miko                                                                                                       

Centre for Resources and Educational Assistance of Bihor County 

Communication manager

Simina Maria Mikó is the director of Centre for Resources and Educational Assistance of Bihor County. Her field of intervention consists in management, coordination and implementation of inclusive strategies, new approaches and methodologies to the newly emerging needs of educational realities. Moreover, Simina is the initiator of numerous EU funded projects, programs and events, especially on education and professional training, at regional and national levels. Be committed and value the potential of every human being are her principles of life.


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