InnoHPC High-performance Computing for Effective Innovation in the Danube Region

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  • InnoHPC - Online Newsletter 02/2019
    - 28-06-2019
    Online Newsletter 02/2019

    Dear reader, Dear reader, after two and a half years the InnoHPC is approaching a conclusion. Our activities managed to contribute towards not only awareness raising but also to better cooperation between SMEs and HPC centers/providers....

  • InnoHPC - Online Newsletter 01/2019
    - 16-04-2019
    Online Newsletter 01/2019

    Dear reader,  InnoHPC project is coming to the final period and we are now excited about Piloting activities that already show positive results. The consortium met for 5th Steering Commitee in Ostrava, on 21st and 22nd March 2019 with the...

  • InnoHPC - Online Newsletter 03/2018
    - 20-12-2018
    Online Newsletter 03/2018

    Dear reader, only few days are left in 2018 but we still have so many things to do, right? Time really passes by too quickly. However we should all be proud of ourselves for all great work that has been done. There were many interesting...

  • InnoHPC - Online Newsletter 2/2018 - Extension of Open Call for SMES
    - 23-10-2018
    Online Newsletter 2/2018 - Extension of Open Call for SMES

    Dear reader, We would like to inform you that OPEN CALL FOR SMEs FROM AUTOMOTIVE OR ELECTRONIC SECTOR  to be included in the pilot project for testing InnoHPC Lab has been EXTENDED until October 31, 2018. The main purpose of this Open...

  • InnoHPC - Online Newsletter 01/2018
    - 23-05-2018
    Online Newsletter 01/2018

    Dear reader, The first part of 2018 proved to be very busy and full of dynamic events. Below you will be able to read what were the stories behind them. The first half of the 2018 was marked with 1st year review, where we would like to thank...

    - 22-12-2017

      Inside innohpc interreg project   Dear reader, we welcome you to the...

  • InnoHPC - INNOHPC Newsletter June 2017
    - 30-06-2017
    INNOHPC Newsletter June 2017


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