FORESDA Forest-based Cross-sectoral Value Chains Fostering Innovation and Competitiveness in the Danube Region

Transnational strategy

Transnational Strategy on Cross-sectoral Level (check the document here) is one of the main outputs of the project. It aims to improve the framework conditions for forest-based cross-sectoral value chains by addressing the identified needs for further development and by increasing of R&D&I activities with respect to the regional innovation systems. The Strategy is a result of the first year FORESDA project activities, which were related to the regional mapping, SWOT analysis and selection of needs regarding forest-based sectors and regional innovation environments in the project regions (Germany, Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina). This strategy contributes explicitly to foster cross-sectoral, transnational innovation activities with respect to the other project activities: set-up of pilot innovation environments, the establishment of collaborative networks and capacity building activities, addressing the needs identified in the Transnational Strategy. Taking into account the input from the regions, the PPs develop and jointly commit to this 5 years strategy. In addition, the Strategy addresses the real market need as a result of the several validation workshops that project partners organized in their regions, gathering relevant stakeholders from forest-based industries and regional innovation systems. 

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)