FORESDA Forest-based Cross-sectoral Value Chains Fostering Innovation and Competitiveness in the Danube Region

Innovation projects

The COLLABORATIVE NETWORKS (CNs) are defined as international, cross-sectoral networks of SMEs, large companies, and research organisations. 

They are being established as one of the tools to foster the transnational and cross-sectoral innovation activities in the selected strategic innovation areas, and to provide support to the SMEs in establishing cooperation with R&D. 

The selected strategic innovation areas:

  1. Smart and sustainable construction and furniture, 
  2. Innovative bio-based products and materials – non-conventional uses of wood-based materials
  3. Energy efficiency.

However, transnational and cross-sectoral Innovation will be fostered also through the development of INNOVATION PROJECTS (IPs), bringing together cross-sectoral consortia of SMEs, large companies and research organisations, to develop new products, processes or services.

Join in if:

  1. you are representative of: SMEs (forest-based industries and other industries which are interested in collaboration with the forest-based industries), education & research organisation, national or regional public authority/institution, cluster, financial sector, and other business support organisation;
  2. you want to take part in idea generation, dissemination of relevant information, learning, mentoring, technical expertise, innovation management, partner search...

Contact person:
Mr. Luc Schmerber
inno AG






Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)