FORESDA Forest-based Cross-sectoral Value Chains Fostering Innovation and Competitiveness in the Danube Region

Capacity building


Supporting organisations (clusters, technology poles, regional development agencies, etc. in the wood sector) are one of the major tools for increasing innovations and competitiveness in the sector. With this activity group FORESDA intends to improve the impact and efficiency of support organisations in the project regions – and beyond - by improving their internal skills and organisation and strengthening their intermediary role between the productive sector and the knowledge poles on regional, national but also transnational and cross-sectoral level.

The following activities will be implemented:
1. Mutual learning & mentoring activities from more to less advanced partners, taking into account the respective innovation capacity in the involved countries, but also the specific level of maturity of the respective regional innovation systems.
2. Study visits in selected project regions including a visit to the local Pilot Innovation Environment and further relevant practices.
3. Development of the Transnational sustainability plan; Aiming at delivering hands-on recommendations for durable and regional innovation systems by completing the transnational strategy developed in WP3 with the aim to define clear steps for the sustainability of the FORESDA partnership and its outputs beyond the termination of the project.

Join in if you want to share or gain knowledge and experience with FORESDA project partners!

Contact person:
Mr. Bernard Likar
Wood Industry Cluster


Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)