ENERGY BARGE Building a Green Energy and Logistics Belt


Work Package 3 - Mapping bioenergy sector

ENERGY BARGE_WP3_D 3.1.1_Compendium of national market study reports

ENERGY BARGE_WP3_D 3.1.2_Catalogue and visualization of biomass feedstock flows

ENERGY BARGE_WP3_D 3.1.3_Sustainability framework conditions for bioenergy feedstock production

ENERGY BARGE_WP3_D 3.2.1_Transnational inventory of biomass and bioenergy companies in the Danube corridor

ENERGY BARGE_WP3_D 3.2.2_Transnational scenarios for biomass demand in the bioenergy sector

ENERGY BARGE_WP3_D3.2.3_Regional case studies_Austria

ENERGY BARGE_WP3_D3.2.3_Regional case studies_Croatia

ENERGY BARGE_WP3_D3.2.3_Regional case studies_Germany

ENERGY BARGE_WP3_D3.2.3_Regional case studies_Hungary1

ENERGY BARGE_WP3_D3.2.3_Regional case studies_Hungary2

ENERGY BARGE_WP3_D3.2.3_Regional case studies_Romania

ENERGY BARGE_WP3_D3.2.3_Regional case studies_Slovakia

ENERGY BARGE_WP3_D3.2.3_Regional case studies_Synthesis report


Work Package 4 - Green bioenergy logistics

ENERGY BARGE_WP4_D 4.1.1_Exchange workshop with a good practice port in Western Europe

ENERGY BARGE_WP4_D 4.1.2_Inventory of potential users of Danube logistics from the bioenergy industry

ENERGY BARGE_WP4_D 4.1.3_Logistics requirements for the bioenergy industry

ENERGY BARGE_WP4_D 4.2.2_Inventory of logistics services

ENERGY BARGE_WP4_D 4.3.1_Implementation plan for B2B meetings


Work Package 5 - Bioenergy pilots in ports

ENERGY BARGE_WP5_D 5.1.1_Transnational implementation plan

ENERGY BARGE_WP5_D 5.1.2_Structure of the pre-feasibility pilot studies

ENERGY BARGE_WP5_D 5.1.3_Pre-feasibility study_BioCampus Straubing GmbH

ENERGY BARGE_WP5_D 5.1.3_Pre-feasibility study_MAHART

ENERGY BARGE_WP5_D 5.1.3_Pre-feasibility study_Slovak Shipping and Ports JSC

ENERGY BARGE_WP5_D 5.1.3_Pre-feasibility study_Port of Vienna

ENERGY BARGE_WP5_D 5.1.3_Pre-feasibility study_Port of Vukovar

ENERGY BARGE_WP5_D 5.2.1_Pilot investment case study structure

ENERGY BARGE_WP5_D5.3.2_Synthesis report


Work Package 6 - Implementation & Policy

ENERGY BARGE_WP6_D 6.1.1_Political and regulatory framework

ENERGY BARGE_WP6_D 6.2.1_Barriers to biomass production

ENERGY BARGE_WP6_D 6.2.2_Barriers to biomass logistics

ENERGY BARGE_WP6_D 6.2.3_Good practices at regional level

ENERGY BARGE_WP6_D6.3.1_Recommendations on biomass production for energetic use


Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)