eGUTS Electric, Electronic and Green Urban Transport Systems

Capitalisation Strategy

The DTP Capitalisation Strategy aims to strengthen the links between projects working on similar topics (Thematic Poles), to enable projects to exploit and consolidate one another's achievements, and create a higher leverage effect. This will enhance the visibility and impact of both projects and programme, having as objectives to:

  • To valorise and further build upon the knowledge resulting from projects working in a thematic field
  • To fill knowledge-gaps by linking actors with complementary thematic specialisation, experiences, methodological approaches or geographical scope
  • To increase the visibility of the projects and the programme and to ensure their impact on the policy making process at local, regional, national and European levels
  • To strengthen strategic thematic networks in the Programme area
  • To encourage the wider take-up of project outcomes from outside the DTP Programme area
  • To contribute to the design and/or implementation of future transnational cooperation in the area  

eGUTS project, together with other 5 projects (CHESTNUT, CityWalkLinkingdanube, TransDanube.Pearls and TRANSGREEN) are grouped under the Thematic Pole 6 - Sustainable Mobility, aiming together to improve the quality and sustainability of outputs, strengthen the communication to common stakeholders and enable the reinforcement of existing or forming of new cooperation networks and projects, increasing in this the knowledge of programming bodies about cooperation gaps, territorial needs and/or potentials in the programme area. 

Activity of the Thematic Pole 6 - Sustainable Mobility comprises joint communication actions, joint thematic meetings to exchange on projects' content and outputs, peer review and benchmarking of project outputs, exchange visits between projects and joint dissemination activities. 

  • As first step, the six projects within the Thematic Pole 6 gathered together the knowledge and experience in order to contribute to more sustainable regional and local mobility within the framework of the LinkingDanube Kick-Off Event on 27 March 2017. More details about this meeting can be found here.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)