DREAM ROAD Danube REgion for improved Access and eMpowerment of ROmA Development

Name Type Email Country
Research and Educational Centre Mansion Rakican Lead partner tamara@ris-dr.si Slovenia
Institute of Social Innovations ERDF partner danes@vellum.cz Czech Republic
Zala County Regional Development Agency Nonprofit Limited Liability Company ERDF partner karpati.veronika@zalamegye.hu Hungary
Nevo Parudimos Association ERDF partner nevo.mobilities@gmail.com Romania
Amalipe Center for Interethnic Dialogue and Tolerance ERDF partner office@amalipe.com Bulgaria
Roma Adult Education Organisation Burgenland ERDF partner a.lehner@mac.com Austria
Institute for Cultural Relations Policy ERDF partner institute@culturalrelations.org Hungary
Centre of Social and Psychological Sciences Slovak Academy of Sciences ERDF partner progrfil@saske.sk Slovakia
Harghita County Council ERDF partner borbathcsilla@harghitacounty.ro Romania
Municipality of Murska Sobota ERDF partner darja.kadis@murska-sobota.si Slovenia
Covasna County Employment Agency ERDF partner tibor.kelemen@cv.anofm.ro Romania
Roma Inclusion Office IPA partner inkluzija.roma@gmail.com Serbia
Know How Centre IPA partner boba.perinovic@gmail.com Serbia
Representation in the Republic of Moldova of the Foundation Terre des hommes Lausanne – Switzerland ENI-MD partner elena.madan@tdh.ch Moldova
NGO Youth Space ENI-UA partner ernestsamsonchyk@gmail.com Ukraine
Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities Associated partner gp.mddsz@gov.si Slovenia
Roma academic club Associated partner marsel.baranya@gmail.com Slovenia
Zala County Roma Nationality Government Associated partner porkolab.judit@zalamegye.hu Hungary
Berliste town Associated partner comunaberliste@yahoo.ro Romania
Caras Severin Scholastic Inspectorate Associated partner gheorghemanda1957@gmail.com Romania
Kreativ Research association – center for media study and social research Associated partner kreativresearch@gmail.com Romania
Oravita town Associated partner cristinazainea06@yahoo.com Romania
Eftimie Murgu University from Resita Associated partner Minica.mirela@gmail.com Romania
Professional High School of Agriculture St. George the Victorious Associated partner ou_senovo@abv.bg Bulgaria
Centre for community organising eastern Moravia Associated partner gabriela.fellingerova@cpkp.cz Czech Republic
Foundation Novi Sad 2021 - European Capital of Culture Associated partner djula.ribar@ns2021.rs Serbia
Zala County Self-Government Associated partner godor.greta@zalamegye.hu Hungary
City of Košice Associated partner igor.rolny@kosice.sk Slovakia
Ecce Homo Sternberk Associated partner kracmarova.eccehomo@seznam.cz Czech Republic

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Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)