DIGITRANS Digital Transformation in the Danube Region

Regional incubators


on regional digitrans incubators


Incubators’ main advantages lie in possibility of fostering collaboration of heterogeneous groups from various sectors with different levels of expertise and experience – all working towards achieving certain goals. By taking them out of their everyday working contexts and forcing participants to take different perspectives when tackling a challenge, their minds are opened and creativity and enthusiasm are fostered. This is what consortium is attempting to create by establishing DIGITRANS incubators in the Danube area. They are meant to help SMEs gain a better understanding of how to transform into the digital age. They are also supposed to offer an open environment available to anyone looking for a better comprehension of digital transformation as a whole or the use of innovation methods. The incubators are also ideal for anyone looking for a place to collaborate with others following trial and error approaches without the fear of failure.

In the context of DIGITRANS, incubators’ goals are to: a) provide premises for workshops and 1-on-1 sessions; b) provide premises for interactive and creative working; c) demonstrate how creative premises can be designed; and d) to present the advantages of such innovation incubators to relevant stakeholders, i.e. politicians.

Description of DIGITRANS regional incubators along with contact information is available in following documents:


Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)