DARLINGe Danube Region Leading Geothermal Energy

Danube Region Geothermal Information Platform

The Danube Region Geothermal Information Platform (DRGIP) is an inetractive webpage, which provides all technical and non-technical information collected and evaluated during the DARLINGe project.

It is available at http://www.darlinge.eu

The first part is represented by a web-map viewer, which provides access to information on spatial-referenced datasets (boreholes, maps, etc.).  Among other items it contains harmonised geological maps, cross-sections, maps of subsurface temperature distribution and the respective distributions and resource estimations of the various geothermal reservoirs. The map viewer also visualizes the vast borehole database developed within the project, showing organised information from thermal water wells and springs from the project territory. 

The second main part of the DRGIP contains thematic modules, where more detailed information can be found on some relevant topics, such as

  • Knowledge sharing - relevant publications related to geothermal energy in the area of the Pannonian Basin
  • Glossary - definitions of the most commonly used technical terms related to geothremal energy and technologies
  • Benchmarking - an on-line tool comprised of 12 different indicators that assists the evaluation of strengths and weaknesses of current management and utilisation practices of thermal water production
  • Decision tree - an online tool to assist project developers through the various phases and aspects of development of a geothermal project with decision gates
  • Risk mitigation - an online tool to get a list of those risks and risk mitigation measures that are associated with a certain project
  • Legislation - an easy overview about the respective geothermal legislatory procedures of the 6 DARLINGe countries, as well as steps of licensing and contact details of the relevant organizations

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)