DanuBioValNet Cross-clustering partnership for boosting eco-innovation by developing a joint bio-based value-added network for the Danube Region

Phytopharma value chain

Value Chain Mapping Report - Phytopharma

The report’s objective is to provide an overview of the interviews conducted with representatives of the pharmaceutical industry in the DanuBioValNet Region. The report should serve to highlight the tendencies and patterns that emerge from the aggregate information collected through the interviews.


Cluster Mapping Report - Phytopharma

For purposes of the DanuBioValNet  project, data collection and cluster mapping of the phytopharmaceutical industry have been defined as “healthrelated products derived from plant sources”. Despite of the significant industrial agglomerations in the Phytopharmaceutical sector in the Danube Region shown by this report, only a small number of cluster initiatives exist.


Roadmap Report - Phytopharma

Roadmap is a specialised type of strategic plan that outlines activities that an organisation can undertake over specified timeframes to achieve stated goals and outcomes. This document besides other information summarizes the Phytopharma Roadmapping workshop (held in Belgrade on the 17th of April, 2018). In organizing the Roadmapping workshop, the partners intended to collect information and ideas from the “real world”. The workshop participants were encouraged to bring up ideas that will serve as inputs for the strategic actions in supporting the creation and expansion of opportunities for valueadded activities associated with the Phytopharma VC.


Phytopharma Pilot Action

The workshop “Danube Phytopharma Forum: Converting bio-based resources into successful phytopharmaceutical products” was a part of the work package “Pilot action”. Its aim is to match related cluster actors in order to create eco-innovations along the selected value chains and to demonstrate three completed VCs that can be put in practice after the end of the project. The workshop was co-organized by the Association of Business Clusters (ABC), Bulgaria, and the lead partner of the project DanuBioValNet of the Danube Transnational Programme - BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg GmbH in collaboration with Green Synergy Cluster and Bulgarian National Association Essential Oils, Perfumery and Cosmetics, on 9 - 10 May 2019 in Bulgaria.
The event brought together interested companies, clusters managers, business support organisations and experts from academia of the Danube region. The objective was to create innovative ideas for new products and projects by facilitating cross-country cooperation of the stakeholders, and thus to launch the macro-regional network along the value chain “Phytopharma”. 



Publication of successfully developed phytopharma value chain in the Danube Region. 




Synthesis Report on Bio-based Value Chains Roadmapping

This working paper summarizes information about Bio-based value chains roadmapping in the Danube Region and defines Action Lines for the Danube Bio-based Strategy.


Country Report Synthesis

Represents the synthesis of the Status quo among the DanuBioValNet partners (PP): Upper Austria, Baden Württemberg, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Romania and Montenegro. It includes Country Reports from 10 PP. The present Synthesis Report provides information about the current state of the art, where the current and future regional hot spots of innovation in bioeconomy are located as well as policies and programmes in place. Based on the 10 PP reports, the Synthesis Report provides input for policy learning and input for suggested next steps in bio-based value chain (VC) and cluster development within DanuBioValNet.

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Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)