DanuBioValNet Cross-clustering partnership for boosting eco-innovation by developing a joint bio-based value-added network for the Danube Region

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  • DanuBioValNet - NEWSLETTER 2/2019
    - 01-07-2019
    NEWSLETTER 2/2019

        Pilot Actions and Final Conference of...

  • DanuBioValNet - NEWSLETTER 1/2019
    - 11-02-2019
    NEWSLETTER 1/2019

      The DanuBioValNet Awareness Workshop in Zagreb,...

  • DanuBioValNet - NEWSLETTER 4/2018
    - 31-10-2018
    NEWSLETTER 4/2018

      The DanuBioValNet Awareness Workshop in Varna,...

    - 13-07-2018

      2nd new cluster services training in Cluj     On 17 and 18 May...

  • DanuBioValNet - Newsletter 2/2018
    - 12-07-2018
    Newsletter 2/2018

      The Czech Hemp Cluster launched    On initiative of the National Cluster Association (NCA), the international...

  • DanuBioValNet - Newsletter 1/2018
    - 23-01-2018
    Newsletter 1/2018

      6TH Romanian National Cluster Conference     Over 250...

  • DanuBioValNet - Newsletter 01/2017
    - 20-06-2017
    Newsletter 01/2017

        Bioeconomy in the Danube region - Cross-clustering partnership for boosting eco-innovation by developing a joint bio-based...

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)