CityWalk Towards energy responsible places: establishing walkable cities in the Danube Region

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The Walk'n'Smile app developed in the scope of the CityWalk project is now available to the public. It was created as a tool to, among other, enable walkability assessment using smart phones and with the goal of increasing the number of people choosing walking over the use of motorized vehicles by making walking more fun. The app is based on a traditional pedometer (the app requires Google Fit app to count the steps) and supplements it with various exciting functions – awards based on the number of steps, funny photos, calories calculator, and city walkability evaluation survey.

 With the help of augmented reality technology you can create interesting photos, take a walk with exotic animals and celebrities such as Christiano Ronaldo, Pink, Einstein. Chaplin or yopu can recreate the famous Abbey Road photo with the Beatles. The aim of the app is to promote walking, healthy lifestyle and happiness.

 It allows you to measure the number of steps and compare it to the lengths of the worldwide known routes such as Route 66, Tour de France and the original Marathon in Sparta to name just a few. It offers the possibility to calculate how many steps are needed to burn the calories of the croissant you had for breakfast or how many calories have been burnt with the steps taken. The app also calculates the savings of money and CO2 emissions saved by simply choosing walking over driving.

Alongside the app developing process the webpage offering online walkability assessment tool was designed. The webpage aims to provide information on walkability and offers an opportunity to calculate the current level of walkability in the partner cities (Ptuj, Szeged, Kamnik, Nyíregyháza, Žilina, Varaždin, Oradea, Varna, Pilsen, Valjevo, Belgrade and Stříbro). The walkability index calculator uses the walkability index, designed with scientific research, to show the level of the walkability of the chosen city. All that is needed is to fill the template with the required information and the system calculates the level of the walkability of the city. Once the level of walkability is known, the user can use the analysis of the good practices from all over the world to find potential solutions and information on the benefits of walkability. Without doubts it will be possible to measure the level of walkability in the non-project partner cities with some extra efforts such as providing statistical data, own measurements and questionnaires.

The walkability index and the app are currently available in the testing phase. Both will gain their final form after the testing period is finished. The app is currently only available to users of Android operating systems in the piloting cities of the CityWalk project.

More information on the walkability and walkability index:

Download the app from the Google play Store:

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The pedometer, walking awards and calories calculator


The comparison of the number of steps with the lenght of the famous routes

The walk with an exotic animal made possible with the use of the Walk'n'Smile App

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