RADAR Risk Assessment on Danube Area Roads

Large parts of the Danube road network rate poorly for safety, particularly for vulnerable road-users, and death rates in many countries are higher than the EU average. Many countries lack professional capacity and approaches to the problem vary. 

The project RADAR will implement learning and transnational cooperation activities to help the relevant organisations in the Danube area to identify risk on their road networks and help them reduce risk systematically by improving road infrastructure and roads’ layout.

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The project RADAR is tackling the differences in road infrastructure safety levels between western and eastern EU countries. It will contribute to improving knowledge and capacities of all involved stakeholder in the Danube region to successfully address the road infrastructure safety. RADAR project will facilitate transnational knowledge and best practice sharing processes and make ready-to-use tools for improvements available in all national languages to governments in participating countries.


With National Action Plans RADAR partnership will define clear steps for implementation and pilot actions will assist local authorities to prioritise high risk road sections. The development of implementation-ready Road Layout Concept Plans will identify specific needs at locations prior to crash countermeasure implementation.

The establishment of a transnational Road Safety Expert Group will bolster knowledge across the region and draw on input from beyond its borders towards a first region-wide Danube Infrastructure Road Safety Improvement Strategy.

RADAR is becoming instrumental in building regional capacity and strategic action plans for evidence-based smart road infrastructure investment in Eastern Europe. 

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Risk Assessment on Danube Area Roads
Start date
End date
Budget in Euro
Overall: 2152510
ERDF Contribution: 1523064
IPA Contribution: 210307
ENI Contribution: 96262,5
Call number
Call 2
Better connected and energy responsible Danube region
Specific objective
Support environmentally-friendly and safe transport systems and balanced accessibility of urban and rural areas

Project Partners

Name Type Email Country
European Insitute for Road Assessment - EuroRAP Lead partner olivera.rozi@eurorap.org SLOVENIA
General Automotoclub of the Czech Republic ERDF partner roman.turza@uamk.cz CZECH REPUBLIC
Austrian Road Safety Board ERDF partner klaus.machata@kfv.at AUSTRIA
Automobile and Motorcycle Association of Slovenia ERDF partner jure.kostanjsek@amzs.si SLOVENIA
KTI Institute for Transport Sciences Nonprofit Ltd ERDF partner sipos.tibor@kti.hu HUNGARY
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Project News

  • RADAR - Why we do what we do?
    - 23-03-2021
    Why we do what we do?

    The number of road deaths continues to grow every day. Did you know more than 3,200 people died in eight Danube area countries throughout 2019 alone, a similar number in 2018 and 2017? It is often forgotten that the quality of road...

  • RADAR - We were affected by COVID but so was road safety
    - 09-03-2021
    We were affected by COVID but so was road safety

    We already informed our community that the RADAR project extension request has been approved so the project is extended until November 2021 on the last and final Steering Committee meeting. Due to the delay with the activities in project work...

  • RADAR - RADAR: Making road safety women’s business – International Women’s Day 2021
    - 08-03-2021
    RADAR: Making road safety women’s business – International Women’s Day 2021

    Today we are celebrating International Women’s Day 2021. Celebrated on March 8 every year, the day commemorates the journey that women have taken to empower themselves and lead better lives. This year we applaud the women and girls around the...

  • RADAR - Great news presented at final Steering Committee meeting: RADAR project has been extended
    - 25-02-2021
    Great news presented at final Steering Committee meeting: RADAR project has been extended

    The sixth or final Steering Committee (SC) meeting took place on February 24 and 25, 2021. To protect the health of our participants and presenters, the RADAR team successfully transformed the in-person SC meeting primarily planned in Vienna,...

  • RADAR - Don’t break anyone’s heart this Valentine’s Day
    - 12-02-2021
    Don’t break anyone’s heart this Valentine’s Day

    Although Valentine’s Day traditionally focuses on showing love to one another all across the world, there seems to be one relationship that is often neglected – to fellow road users.   RADAR project team urges everyone to show respect on...

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