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Closing the loop through cooperation

In the natural world everything is made of the same components: proteins, sugars, fats, and minerals. These nutrients are rearranged in multiple ways to create the variety and richness we see on Earth. So, nothing goes to...

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Project promotional materials bringing joy during the holiday season
18 01 2022

The holiday season has finished…and we wanted to share with you how much joy we brought to CeliVita followers participating in a “The most imaginative Christmas table” holiday giving, with our CD SKILLS promotional materials.

We use every chance we have to promote our project and raise awareness about celiac disease. We are sure these handy gifts will be of use to those...

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18 01 2022

On Tuesday 11th January, Romanian partner Association for Urban Transition (A.T.U.) took part in a meeting with international actors from the Giurgiu-Ruse region for the DANUrB + project. Regional History Museum „Teohari Antonescu" from Giurgiu organized a discussion with the association Euroregion Danubius (RUSE) which marked 20 years of activity this year. Several key stakeholders for the...

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Roadshow in Bosnia and Herzegovina
17 01 2022

On June 1th 2021 Agency for economic development of the city of Prijedor „PREDA-PD” organized the second “InnoSchool Roadshow” as an online event, via Zoom platform, in Prijedor, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The main goal of the event was to present the innovative InnoSchool Learning System (ILS),  its structure, and its key components, including the serious game. In the first part of the...

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New name for the future EU funding programme for cooperation in the Danube region
14 01 2022

What’s the Danube Region Programme? It’s a new name chosen for the next cycle of the European Union funding for transnational cooperation in the Danube region in the period 2021-2027! 


The new name, approved by the Danube Partner States representatives at the 10th Task Force meeting in December, marks another step in our endeavour towards closer unity and cooperation. To achieve that...

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