User Manual


National contact points

If you would like to contact to any of the participating countries you can find detailed contact information on the "National coordination and contact points" page. You can find this page by visiting or by clicking "National coordination and contact points" under "Contacts" in the navigation.

On the page, you will find a list of countries. To see the contacts, please choose a country, and click on its name. The content will slide down and you can find the "NATIONAL CONTACT POINT" and the "MONITORING COMMITTE MEMBERS".

Newsletter subscription


Every visitor who is interested in news of the Programme and the Projects, may subscribe to the newsletter.  There are multiple ways of subscription:

  • Regular newsletter subscription:
    by visiting the following URL:
  • During registration:
    when registering on the site, you can check "Subscribe to newsletter " checkbox
  • One-by one for each project:
    every approved project has its own mailing list  which is differ from the main mailing list of the website. The previous two method only subscribes you to the main list. However if you are interested in a particular projects news, you may subscribe to its list by visiting the projects detail page.


If you are not interested in the newsletters of the Progremme you may unsubscribe anytime, by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the email.

If you are registered user of the website, you may also unsubscribe from the newsletter list, by editing your profile settings.


The forum on the website is publicly visible to any visitor, but only logged in users can comment to them.

There are two levels of topics in the forum:

  • Main categories:
    each category contains topics
  • Topics:
    each topic contains comments of the users

Comments can be moderated by the administrators of the site. These comments will be marked as "deleted". If the administrator of the page deletes/archives your comment you get an email notification.

Approved projects

Approved projects will be added to the system by the administrators. They will create or invite already existing users to be a Lead partner or Partner of the project. Both of the cases a notification email will be send to these members, about the change.

Being the Lead partner or Partner of a project will add additional access to these users. After logging in the following are possible:

  • Lead partners:
    The owners of the project. Lead partners after logging in to the system will be able to edit their Approved Projects pages, add news, events, manage documents, send newsletter and add subpages.
    • Edit project:
      In logged in state, visit the "My projects" page, and select one of your project, in which your role is "Lead partner".  On the main page of a project an "Edit" button displays on the right top corner. After clicking on it, a form will appear which allows the Lead partner to change the details.
    • Manage news:
      On the project page, a sidebar is displayed on the left side. This contains a link of "News and Events".  After clicking on it a subpage will appear with all the existing news. The Lead partner may edit any of the existing article by clicking on the Edit button on the top right corner on each article.
      Adding news can be done, by clicking on the Add button in the top right corner. A form will appear, which must be filled out and submitted in order to create an article. After saving the article it will be automatically published and visible for every visitor of the site.
      The news will not just appear on the project site, but also in the Project news section of the site, and on the homepage.
    • Manage documents:
      Document manager is both available for Lead partners and Partners. It can be accessed from the sidebar.
      Document manager hold all the 5 types of documents:
      • Output document:
        These are the documents which are listed in the Output library, and available for any user.
      • Public document:
        By default these are not displayed anywhere in the public pages, but available for anyone with the link. You can use this type to upload images, that can be inserted into the content of the sections.
      • Private document:
        Not available and listed publicly. It only available for the Lead partners and Partners. It helps them to exchange documents between each other.
      • Photo:
        Displaying in the gallery
      • Video:
        Displaying in the gallery
    • Send newsletter campaign:
      Each approved project has its own mailing list, that the Lead partners can use, to send newsletters to them. A newsletter subscription form is placed on each approved project page that can be used by any visitor to subscribe to the list.
      If there is any subscribers on the projects list, the Lead partner can send a new campaign to them, by clicking on "Newsletter campaigns" in the sidebar and then clicking on the "Send new campaign" button. The subject and the content of the email must be specified. Note that, the subject will be prefixed with the project acronym. Before sending the newsletter campaign a confirmation window will pop up, that must be accepted.
      The previously sent campaigns will be listed on the "Newsletter campaigns" page.
    • Manage subpages:
      If the predefined subpages are not enough, there is a possibility to add subpages.
      This can be done by clicking on "+ Create new section". A form will appear which allows to add a new subpage to the project. After saving the subpage it will be automatically published and visible for every visitor of the site and a link will be placed in the sidebar.
  • Partners:
    Other partners, not being lead partners, after logging in the system will have the possibility to add documents or download private and public ones.
    Managing documents are working the exact same way as for the Lead partners. Please use it as a reference.

Being a member of the website


To register to the system please visit or click on the "Registration" link in the footer menu of the site.

On the registration page, you must provide the required information. Optionally you can check the "Subscribe to newsletter" checkbox, which allows the system to send you newsletters.

After successfully filling out the form, a confirmation email will be sent to the chosen email address.  Please click on the link in the email, in order to verify your email address.

After verifying the email address you can log in to the system and access to restricted functions (such us Forum commenting)


After registration, the users can login to the system, and can access different interfaces which are depending on the user access level.

To login to the site please visit the login page, by typing in the following URL to the browser:, or by clicking on the "Member area" button in the top right corner of the website.

To login to the system you must type in your username and password - that you have provided on registration - into the corresponding fields on the login page. 

After logging in the previous "Member area" button will change into a dropdown button. Different actions are available after clicking on it:

  • My profile:
    You can change your personal details on this page. You can also change your password on this page.
  • My projects (only available for Lead partners and Partners):
    If you are the Lead partner or a Partner of any of the Approved projects added to the system, the list of these projects will be available here.
  • Logout:
    to sign out from the website, choose this option.

Resetting forgotten password

If you don't remember your password, please visit the login page by typing in the following URL to the browser:, or by clicking on the "Member area" button in the top right corner of the website.

On this page you must click on the "Forgotten password?" link, and on the opening page you must provide either your username or the email that is associated with your account.

An email will be send to your email address, that contains a link. By visiting the link, you will be able to change your password. After successful password change you will be logged in by the system, and in the future, you have to use this newly provided password to log in.

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