Thematic Pole 9 - Educational Governance

Lack of skilled labour force combined with high unemployment rates indicates serious labour market imbalances in the Danube Region, that highlights the need of a systematic shift towards more demand-driven and labour relevant educational schemes. Under Thematic Pole 09 two DTP projects – together with further associated projects and initiatives inside and outside the Danube Region - join their forces to tackle these challenges. The DTP projects Learning by Doing (Pole Leader) and the EDU-LAB are complementary projects in the sense that both aim to address these societal challenges, but focus on diverse levels of education systems. While the Learning by Doing project is targeting the secondary education by supporting the transition towards Work Based Learning (WBL) in Vocational Education and Training (VET), the EDU-LAB project aims to increase the labour market relevance of higher education with a view to address brain drain and retain more young talents studying and working in the Danube region. EUSDR Priority Area 09 is directly involved into the work of this Capitalization pole, which further to that provides strong linkages also to the Priority Areas 07, 08 and 10 of the EUSDR.

POLE LEADER CONTACT DETAILS: the project Learning by Doing, Mrs. Vedrana Knezevic, and EDU-LAB, Mrs. Ágnes Sebestyén, / European Foundation for Education (DE)


Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)