Cooperation with EUSDR PAC 1b - Rail-Road-Air mobility

The Thematic Pole 6 has established a fruitful cooperation with the EUSDR Priority Area Coordinators for Priority Area 1b - Rail - road - air mobility. The cooperation is of two fold benefit: the work of TP 6 will be aligned with the EUSDR policy and the PACs can benefit from vast information obtained directly from the ground.

Successful cooperation is witnessed by involvement of the TP 6 projects in the Steering Groups. The PACs are leading the Steering Groups, which are the expert drivers of a day-to-day implementation. Their role, capacities, resources and engagement is key to success. The PACs, together with the Steering Groups, ensure the implementation of the EUSDR.

The representatives of TP 6 projects were invited to the 14th SG meeting of PA 1b held in Ljubljana, Slovenia on 30 May 2017. Apart from presenting some of the TP 6 projects, a room was given to the presentation of DTP Capitalisation Strategy, which met the interest of all the participants.

PPT, prepared by the projects CHESTNUT and CityWalk on DTP Capitalisation Strategy

                                                                                                                                         Photo credit: CityWalk

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