Documents for project implementation


Annex 1a_Bank statement_separate

Annex 1b_Bank statement_single account

Proof of signature of legal representative

Implementation Manual

This document aims to provide detailed guidance for Lead Partners (and project partners) of the approved projects in the implementation phase, from contracting to project closure including reporting obligations, payment of ERDF/IPA Funds and other programme-related requirements set in the Subsidy Contract. The project implementation has to be executed according to the regulations and rules relevant for the financial instruments of the programme (ERDF, IPA and ENI). 

Download the Implementation Manual (version July 2017)

Download the Annexes for the Implementation Manual (version July 2017)

Download the Guidelines for Data Modification in eMS (version July 2017)

Download the Addendum to the Partnership Agreement

Guidelines for Project Progress Report

Download the Guidelines for Project Progress Report  (version October 2017)

Download Additional Information for PR & PPR template (version July 2017)

DTP AfR Template (version October 2017)

Guidelines for Partner Report

Download the Guidelines for Partner Report (version June 2017)

Download Additional Information for PR & PPR template (version July 2017)

Subsidy Contract

Download the Subsidy Contract template (version December 2016)

Reallocation / Project Modification tool

Download the tool  

Factsheet about Associated Strategic Partners 

Download the factsheet 

Communication tools

Visual identity Manual and DTP project logos

Document including all the regulations and requirements that DTP project partners must follow in their communication materials and activities.It includes examples of templates and the COMPULSORY LOGO in different formats.

Download Visual Identity Manual for DTP projects (version November 2017)

Dowload the DTP project logos in different formats (1st call):
- Logos projects Priority 1
- Logos projects Priority 2
- Logos projects Priority 3
- Logos projects Priority 4
The 'Standard logo' version (full colour) should be given priority, and only in exceptional cases, the rest of logo formats can be used.  For printing purposes, the 'Standard logo for printing' (or, exceptionally, the other pdf formats provided) should be used. The RGB colour mode provided may be needed to be converted to CMYK mode before printing.
Download here the editable posters for DTP projects
To edit the posters either CorelDraw or Inkscape programmes are needed. If you don't count of these programmes, consult the DTP Joint Secretariat.

Communication Toolkit for DTP projects

Document to support DTP project partners in their communication activities, including advice and tips on how to better implement the communication of their projects.
Download the Communication Toolkit for DTP projects

User Manual for DTP project Webpages

Manual addressed to DTP project Lead partners to guide them in the technical development of the DTP project webpages, including functionalities such as updating information, publishing news, sending online newsletters, sharing documents among partners, publishing outputs, etc.
Download the DTP Project webpages - User Manual (version May 2018)


Danube Transnational Programme logo



Danube Transnational Programme map


Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)