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  • RARE - Good Practice visit in Serbia
    - 21-08-2017

    A three-member group, representing RARE project, from Slovakia visited Serbia’s Good Practice, the Recycling Eco Centre in Niš. In the area of South Serbia, there have been several initiatives of business cooperatives of Roma. Their goals...

  • JOINTISZA - Spotlight on summer
    - 21-08-2017
    Spotlight on summer

    The JOINTISZA project is enjoying a busy summer season! Here are some of the highlights: ICPDR gives thumbs up for JOINTISZA project – On June 8–9, 2017, the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River (ICPDR) held...

  • MOVECO - Circular Economy Events and Literature
    - 21-08-2017

    Do you not want to stay informed about events and publications related to Circular Economy? Our MOVECO website is constantly publishing upcoming events related to Circular Economy. Check if there are also events in your country and find more...

  • ENERGY BARGE - Presentations of the National Workshop in Bulgaria are online
    - 17-08-2017

    In the course of the National Workshop of the ENERGY BARGE project held in Bulgaria on 28th June, the current situation as well as the potentials of the energetic use of biomass in Bulgaria with a view to the integration of logistics along the...

  • ResInfra@DR - Surveys by RiTrain project for new staff exchanges open for 2 more weeks (editorial recommendation)
    - 16-08-2017

    RiTrain is inviting the research infrastructure community to inform them of their highest priority training needs in management and leadership and which could be fulfilled through custom-built staff exchanges.  The purpose of RItrain staff...

  • Made in Danube - Made in Danube - Successful Meeting in Novi Sad (Serbia)
    - 11-08-2017

    02/08/2017 Dipl.-Ing. Bernhard Koch from the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU) visited Novi Sad 1st – 2nd August. The meeting focused on the development of the Local Action Plan (LAP) in the field of Biofuels which...

    - 11-08-2017

    Regional workshop was organised on 18th  ofSeptember 2017 in Hagenberg Austria (jointly by RISCW and FIS) , to enhance the debate on Digital Transformation of Industry Guidelines for Austria and Germany. InnoHPC Project manager prof. dr....

  • DanubeSediment - First Project Newsletter now Available in 6 Languages!
    - 09-08-2017

    In order to reach a large circle of stakeholders in the Danube River Basin, our first newsletter is now available in Bulgarian, German, Romanian, Serbian and Slovakian, in addition to the original English version. Translations to Slovenian and...

  • RARE - Craftsman
    - 09-08-2017

    All his life, Milić Milivojević has been in handmade wickerwork, weaving willow baskets. It is a family work and tradition as well. Milić learnt craft from the elders, his father and grandfather. Today, he has the help of his wife, son and...

  • YOUMIG - Regensburg and Graz cities hold roundtable on migration
    - 09-08-2017
    Regensburg and Graz cities hold roundtable on migration

    On June 21st, 2017, an expert roundtable was held at the Leibniz Institute for East and Southeast European Studies (IOS Regensburg), creating a platform for information and opinion exchange between representatives of the City of Regensburg, City...

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