InnoHPC - The Workshop organized by FIS NM and RISC


InnoHPC workshop

Creating a supportive environment for the promotion of the increasing industrial use of high-performance computing. Date: 18th September 2017

Place:  IT-Center, Aquarium, Softwarepark 35 4232 Hagenberg, Austria

InnoHPC regional workshop orginized by FIS and RISC was held at IT-Center, Aquarium, Softwarepark 35 4232 Hagenberg, Austria, on18 September 2017.

The workshop was attended from 13 participants in total, from the partners’ organization:

  • Inventors’ Centre ASI – the association of Slovenian inventor,
  • Faculty of Information studies in Novo mesto Slovenia,
  • School of Advanced Social Studies in Nova Gorica Slovenia,
  • Statbase, Research of the Market and Public Opinion, Slovenia
  • RISC Software GmbH, Austria.

The main discussed objectives of the workshop were:

  • how to raise awareness and validate the results of the needs, opportunities for HPC technology application amongst SMEs in Danube region (Germany, Austria);
  • how to select suitable suggestions for HPC development at Danube and national levels;
  • how to gain understanding into HPC technology and application through orientation presentations. Both of representing attendant: FIS and RISC gave a picture of how important is encouraging HPC knowledge based on economy and effectiveness of it. It gains a discussion between participants at workshop.

Activities that represent recommendations and deductions from workshop:

  • It was done the review of the status of HPC applications in Germany and Austria, according to the guidelines to the results of focus groups, interviews.
  • I was presented the development of the results of the surveys, and also how to improve them.
  • Industry Guidelines at national level - both of partners presented of the research and development directions, competences and infrastructure, policy framework, network and cooperation. There was found that are closer and in some point similarly for both project partners.
  • The discussion lead that has to be done more focus on R&D, find right firms to connect other powerful industries and business sectors (like medicine and aeronautic power industry), consolidate cooperation between the academy and SMEs, organizing trainings, courses for academia and SMEs, achieve good examples from European practices and successful stories from the global market.

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Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)