For the first time in Slovenia, this summer, tourists and locals can explore the beauties of the Bohinj Lake in Triglav National Park on an electric rickshaw. From the beginning of July 2017 visitors can explore the picturesque nature routes in Gorenjska region on an e-tricycle.

The idea behind is to use a sustainable way to promote natural heritage and Natura 2000 sites, while creating jobs in rural areas or regions with low economic status. Certainly, introducing the first electric tricycle in Gorenjska region is part of a larger strategy to develop local tourism. Other services provided in the region include accommodation, restaurants with locally produced food, birdwatching, cycling, museums, etc. 

Photo: e-rickshaw and nature route

Bohinj Lake is the largest Slovenian lake in Triglav National Park and a starting point for a breathtaking nature route that can be experienced with the e-tricycle this summer. In July and August, from Friday to Sunday, a trained driver will take tourists from Stara Fužina to Pod Skalco through Kramar with the electric rickshaw. Reservations and information will be available in the Bohinj Tourist Center and the Triglav National Park Centre Bohinj in Stara Fužina. In September the e-rickshaw tours will move to the Municipality of Kranj.

Using e-tricycles as a promotional and transport tool in protected areas is an excellent display of what the organizations and teams behind this initiative stand for, namely “Connecting nature and people for well-being and prosperity”. 


As part of the LENA project (Local Economy and Nature Conservation), funded by the Danube Transnational Programme, the initiators – the Regional development agency of Gorenjska, BSC Kranj and its partners across seven Danube countries plan to further implement a number of similar innovative solutions, supporting livelihoods and business opportunities in communities with low economic status in the region. The e-mobility network will be supported by the project in the German Landscape Park “Junge Donau”, in the Slovenian Gorenjska region, in “Rusenski Lom” and “Persina” Nature Parks in Bulgaria and in Ciocanesti Natura 2000 site in Romania providing routes and stations for electric vehicles such as bicycles and rickshaws.


Triglav national park

The park is famous for its pristine waters, deep-cut gorges, remains of virgin forests, richness of biodiversity, and a palette of mountain flowers including a number of endemic plants such as Triglav Hawksbeard, Julian Poppy and Silver-leaved Cranesbill. Some of the animals found in the park are the chamois, ibex, red deer, brown bear, lynx, eagle, numerous bird and reptile species, and the endemic Marble trout.


More information:

Blanka Odlazek, Franja Gabrovšek Schmidt, Gregor Erznožnik

Regional development agency Gorenjska,

BSC, business support centre Kranj, l.t.d., Kranj

Tel.: 04 28 17 230

E-mail: blanka.odlazek@bsc-kranj.si; franja.gabrovsek@bsc-kranj.sigregor.erznoznik@bsc-kranj.si

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)