CrowdStream - CrowdStream Meetup in Zagreb, April 2017


The CrowdStream Meetup was organized with the aim of presenting the CrowdStream project to interested stakeholders. Following the speech by Frane Šesnić, director of the Development Agency Zagreb - TPZ, details of the project were presented by Marko Helfrih, project manager on CrowdStream project. Within the presentation, participants had the opportunity to get familiarized with the relevant CF industry indicators of the growth and development in the European Union in terms of funding volume, as well as the number of CF platforms and funded projects.
Also, participants had the opportunity to listen to the presentation by Antonije Pušić, a well-known artist under the name Rambo Amadeus, who, on his own successful example of using the crowdfunding platform through the Solar Retro Sailboat campaign, showed the way on how to succeed by being innovative in collecting the necessary financial resources.
During the event, a workshop was conducted through which all relevant regional service providers in using the CF financing model were identified and profiled, resulting in mapping of regional stakeholders, regional market analysis in the field of CF financing models and summing up the regional profiles in one dossier that will further serve as a background and information document for local stakeholder activities.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)