Made in Danube - Training on Technology Broker and Manager of Innovation


Our Made in Danube partner IPA CIFATT Craiova organized trainings on "Technology Broker and Manager of Innovation" for the personnel of the Technology Transfer Center of National Institute of Biological Science in Bucharest.

During these trainings the following points were presented and discussed:

  • The activities of the Technology Broker and Manager of Innovation on bioeconomy
  • The potential of bioeconomy research in Romania
  • Qualities, abilities and skills required
  • Research-innovation-business relations; Intellectual and industrial property
  • Technological transfer and transfer of research results to the market
  • Increasing competitiveness
  • Functions of the Technology Transfer Center
  • Network of transfer centers
  • Technology and competitive advantage; Innovation and technology transfer
  • Value chain in research, development, innovation; TRL; Time to the market
  • Intermediary of technologies - customer service
  • Activities and services related to technology transfer
  • The role of the Broker of Technology and the Manager of Innovation in selecting technologies, promoting and commercializing technologies
  • Steps in Technology Transfer
  • First contact with the client and working with the local SME
  • Business visits at companies
  • TO / TR / IA, methodology and forms, why to fill-in, brokerage event; why to organize, business mission.
  • Case studies about technology transfer

During these trainings the Made in Danube project, the project newsletter and the benefits to be part of the MiD network  were presented by Gabriel Vladut from IPA.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)