coop MDD - Reporting meeting


Koprivnica, Croatia - In order to prepare good reports for the 1st phase of the project and answer any open questions about reporting, budgeting and documentation, the Reporting meeting of the “coop MDD” project was organised on 13th June 2017 in the Public Institution for Management of Protected Natural Areas in the Koprivnica KriĹževci County in Croatia.

Eva Batista from Iskriva, Institute for local development, explained reporting procedures and shared instructions and tips how to prepare Partner report: structure of the report, what information to fill into which field, how are the content and financial report linked and what information is crucial for FLC when reporting about activities in the 1st period. She also shared information on eligibility criteria for all different types of expenditure, information on reporting by WPs and Activities and budget shifts, rules on documentation from the programme side, different national rules for documentation. 


Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)