DRIM - Project Aims and Activities Being Presented at Different Events


Since the project DRIM gor started in January 2017, it has been presented at various occasions and events in different countries.

First DRIM was presented in March 2017 at Columbia University's Harriman Institute by Serbian partner YUCOM at an event entitled "Beyond diasporas from the Balkans and refugee routes today: academic and policy implications”, held in New York, USA. Milan Antonijević, the director of the Lawyers’ Committee for Human Rights (YUCOM) participated in the section Diaspora and Refugee Engagement and Integration. The aims and activities of the DRIM project were highlighted alongside the implications of project outputs for Serbia and the broader Danube region.

The Slovenian partner organization, the Employment Service of Slovenia, also presented the aims and activities of DRIM in Ljubljana in April 2017. DRIM was presented at the round table, entitled “Private sector engagement to support labour market integration of refugees”, organized by the IOM (International Organization for Migration). The round table marked the publishing of “Employing Beneficiaries of International Protection in Slovenia: Employer's Handbook 2017”. This informational brochure for employers was prepared to better inform potential employers of the free access to the labour market that refugees are entitled to by law, which is a welcomed information tool for future employers as well as beneficiaries of international protection and will as such feature in the upcoming DRIM project’s information platform.

DRIM was also presented in another Slovenian city - in Maribor - at the Migration Forum Roundtable. As part of the Danube Transnational Cooperation Programme Capitalisation Strategy, the project DRIM cooperates with the projects YOUMIG and RARE - two of DTP's projects addressing migrants' integration and access to the labour market. The activities aiming at capitalisation and synergy were detailed in the projects' Capitalisation strategy and initialised at YOUMIG project's regional Migration Forum organized by the YOUMIG participating partner in Slovenia, the Maribor Development Agency. Martina Bofulin, DRIM project manager, introduced DRIM to YOUMIG members as well as to local stakeholders, mostly representatives of public institutions. After the presentation, Martina Bofulin also took part in the roundtable addressing migration and integration issues at the local and national level. Following this event, new possibilities of cooperation were identified, especially with regard to including DRIM's main tool, Danube Compass Information Platform, into YOUMIG's one-stop-shop for migrants' integration, planned to take shape in the Municipality of Maribor.    

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)