DRIM - The DTP Capitalization Strategy


The Danube Cooperation Programme Capitalization Strategy’s aim is to support the capitalization of previous projects' outputs and further build upon the knowledge gained in the same field as well as to increase the visibility and impact of individual projects by linking actors with complementary approaches and activities. In migration and inclusive governance three projects approved at the DTP 1st call were identified as addressing similar issues and have common goals, thus enabling forming shared capitalization agenda and activities: DRIM, RARE and YOUMIG. The  RARE  project aims to strengthen the capacities and increase cooperation among those actors with a stake in Roma partivipation in the labour market in order to better harness their economic potential. Meanwhile YOUMIG  project's goal is to strengthen institutional support for the management of transnational youth migration in the Danube area.

Considerable synergy possibilities were identified among the three projects and a comprehensive plan of capitalization activities was drafted following the DTP Lead Partner seminar in Budapest in January 2017. Besides participating in projects’ main events, the most interesting joint activities include involvement in pilot activities, contributions to specific deliverables and providing feedback on outputs. So far, the DRIM project has been invited to three regional migration forums organized by YOUMIG, while active participation by YOUMIG is planned for the upcoming Bratislava dissemination conference in October 2017.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)